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Hello everyone. Newly registered here and it's my first year back playing FMM since its first couple of versions.

I'm looking for advice on the titled topic, youth development. Let's assume I already have a good youth setup, good coaches, a few affiliate clubs and a large group of players to train and mentors. The next part is where I'm unsure.

How do I ensure that they develop at the right pace? I'm looking for any general advice, like which age to mentor, which age to loan out, when to give first team chances, when to give proper contracts. I know it will vary for each player, but let's assume they're all similar, potential wonderkids for the sake of simplicity.

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I’d say give them first team chances around the age of 16-18 if they’re good enough. If they’re promising but not up to the standard yet, loan them for 1-3 years.

For mentoring, I never have any proper age. Usually would have it around 18-19 but there are times where I mentor younger or older players.

Contracts are simple. You don’t have youth contracts in FM Mobile I believe thus it’s not hard to manage. Try not to overpay youngsters and it’s all good.

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