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Chat Modify stadium name

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I want to thank you for taking the time to chat to me about this; as a result of our conversation, I now have a more positive impression of the subject at hand, and I'm interested in acquiring a more in-depth comprehension of it.



tunnel rush

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If you stay successful long enough board may will make a whole new stadium and give ya option to name it as you wish.

Screenshot_2023-02-15-19-37-33-958_com_sega.soccer.eleven.thumb.png.51a6a005d88278326b301258c939f20c.pngAnd if ya skip that day by going on holiday board will name Stadium after you.Screenshot_2023-02-15-19-32-26-544_com_sega.soccer.eleven.thumb.png.2086ecd1d18f744d6694d12a322e8812.png

And this happened during end of a season I'm 2028-29 and I moved into new stadium for season 2029-30.Screenshot_2023-02-18-16-24-11-433_com_sega.soccer.eleven.thumb.png.ba2eb8cbdc5758f512f3fe38c20c3900.png

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No I didn't mean the built of new stadium in game. I ask if is it possible to self edit stadium names from the changes.txt file in game folders, like clubs players or competitions ones.

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