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Help Tactics Reverting to Default


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Hello all,

Up until a couple (in-game) months ago, my save was functioning normally. Then, something must've changed because now my save will not hold my tactics properly. I can save and load them fine, but whenever I go into or come out of a game, it reverts the players to their original position instructions. For example, it will change a midfielder from a DLP to a CM, or a centerback from a BPD to a CD, etc. I have tried going to my other saves, and the issue does not seem to be present on them. Is there anything I can do to fix this issue without losing my progress?

@Marc Vaughan

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This is a known issue since the past few editions. I think it happened since somewhere around FM19. What’s weird is that it will happen to only that specific save.

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I’m coming back to this after about a week because it seems it is now fixed. I’m not 100% sure but I think it was fixed by saving a different tactic in the tactic slot I was using. Does this mean the tactic was corrupted or something, leading to this issue?

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