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Challenges The PAC-MAN Challenge


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• The PAC-MAN Challenge •


A true all-time classic from the 1980s that just transcends all generations. Loved and still played by the young and the old, it was only a matter of time before I figured out a way to best mimic the essence of PAC-MAN into our world of FMM. There's a little tiny twist here tho, we're keeping our enemies close but these funky colorful ghosts even closer. We are taking full advantage of their behavioral patterns and they have no clue we're turning their vicious attacks into points!

This 1-season challenge is going to test your tactical expertise, your scouting skills as well as your ability to get the best out of your chosen squad.


The Players


Upon examining the little funny walks these buggers do, we notice that the red one chases you wherever you go, the pink one just sit there and does what it does - over and over again, the blue one sets itself up for a killer blow and the orange one... well, nobody ever knows where he ends up drifting about. The FMM translation goes:

  • Red Ghost - Ball Winning Midfielder
  • Pink Ghost - Anchor
  • Blue Ghost - Shadow Striker
  • Orange Ghost - Trequartista


The PAC-MAN Challenge Rules

  • Manage any team of choice in any league or any division
  • Buy/Loan your 4 'ghosts' - they can NOT be at the club already
  • NO unlockables - Yes Badges and additional transfers
  • The 4 'ghosts' are TIED to their player roles at all times in all games
  • Create a formation which MUST include 1 Anchor, BWM, SS and Treq 
  • Post screenshots of the 4 ghosts + created formation
  • Play ONE full season - the 2022 / 2023 season only
  • Score = assists + goals of 4 ghosts in ALL competitions (except ITN)



1. 147 pts - Mr B (Porto)

2. 109 pts - EmEs (PSG)

3. 108 pts - Cockers2505 (Liverpool)

4.  97pts - Savelieff (Bayern)

5.  88pts - BatiGoal (Leipzig)



Edited by BatiGoal
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1 hour ago, EmEs said:

Sounds interesting.

Lemme give it a go

Nice. I'll be posting my score soon too, a very beatable score btw but hopefully it'll gather some interest 😉

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17 hours ago, BatiGoal said:

NO unlockables - Yes Badges and additional transfers

By the way what do u mean by badges??

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109 Goal contributions 😂but I think to make it more intense you should make a transfer limit maybe such as  spending less than 75m on the ghosts coz I practically had PSG😂187m Tranfer budget 

But yh it was a good challenge. Looking forward to more challenges.

Screenshot_20230204-003424_FM23 Mobile.jpg

Screenshot_20230204-003436_FM23 Mobile.jpg

Screenshot_20230204-003450_FM23 Mobile.jpg

Screenshot_20230204-003500_FM23 Mobile.jpg

Screenshot_20230204-003510_FM23 Mobile.jpg

Screenshot_20230204-003529_FM23 Mobile.jpg

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3 hours ago, EmEs said:

109 Goal contributions 😂but I think to make it more intense you should make a transfer limit maybe such as  spending less than 75m on the ghosts coz I practically had PSG😂187m Tranfer budget 

Very nice score, you did better than me. I went with Leipzig so not as big a budget as yours. But I don't think I've managed them before, so I just wanted to give them and this challenge a try.

3 hours ago, EmEs said:

But yh it was a good challenge. Looking forward to more challenges.

It was actually tough iMO to find a solid tactic that includes an Anchor and BWM. I didn't lose too many games but had hoped to score more points. I'll post my numbers soon.

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My results:


My 4 ghosts (transfers)


Tactics (I tried 2 formations throughout the season)









4 ghosts (goals + assists)





PAC - MAN (me)


Hardest part for me was finding a formation with an A and BWM that scores plenty. Considering that and the team I picked I think I did brilliantly 😂 with 88 points.

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7 hours ago, Savelieff said:

Really good idea this challenge! 

My score is 95 points with Bayern! 😜

Thanks! Good score, mate. Btw, I believe you got 97pts, right? Please double check.

Added your name to the leaderboard.

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9 hours ago, BatiGoal said:

Merci! Bon score, mon pote. Au fait, je crois que vous avez 97 pts, n'est-ce pas ? Veuillez vérifier.

Ajout de votre nom au classement.

Exactly ! Miscalculation ^^

Thanks you bro ! 

Edited by Savelieff
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Give this a go whilst having a break from my Oldham career!

tried something different in regards to tactics, worked most of the time but again I find this game to have a blip during certain times in a season where nothing works, tactics go out the window regardless of previous success or how good your team is, anyway moan over…

Pac-Man for me

Red Ghost - Ball Winning Midfielder - Jude Bellingham

Pink Ghost - Anchor - Aurelien Tchouameni

Blue Ghost - Shadow Striker - Pedro Goncalves

Orange Ghost - Trequartista - Dusan Vlahovic


I used a different tactic than others trying to force more opportunities playing 2 up front with a PF providing assistance but keeping the others as in the rules, but to be truthful with my glitch mentioned, I didn’t do as good as first thought when I started the season with 5 or 6 goals in some games


Vlahovic - 37+13 = 50


Goncalves - 27+19 = 46


Tchouameni - 3+4 = 7


Bellingham - 3+2 = 5


Total for the season 50 + 46 + 7 + 5 = 108


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Wicked tactic btw .. I've tried this 1 CB tactic but it didn't really work for me. Can't remember what team it was, I think Man Utd but not sure. It was too leaky and couldn't start buildup play from the back. 

I'm going to try and create something similar in the coming days for a new challenge. I need a tactic that gives me 6-5 or 8-7 scorelines 😂 as long as we outscore the opponent on the day.

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I tried this for a season also, changed the overload to balanced when drastically loosing 

Finishing table shows I conceded to many goals for my liking, so not the best, but fun to try and give it a go with a strong team. This I tried with the PAC Man challenge but only scored 98 points in the end, so tried again changing WB to IWB, CD and back to GK.


Tactics as I tried, I took off the Run At Defence at times which got me better results






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Only just got round to getting the 23 version. This challenge looks like a really fun way to start getting to grips with it. 

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On 02/02/2023 at 16:53, BatiGoal said:


  • NO unlockables - Yes Badges and additional transfers

Just realised that this could be interpreted in 2 different ways. Does it mean...

NO unlocks and yes that means that you cannot make additional transfers too.

Or does it mean NO to unlocks but YES to transfers. 


Given that I've nearly finished the season, I know what answer I'm hoping for! 

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(If I wasn't allowed to make additional transfers then feel free to ignore this entire post...)


Went to Porto as a club I know well from a 1kc two seasons ago and who should have a high enough reputation to sign some top players. 

Bearing in mind that assists count for the score, I went for this guy as the BWM and to monopolise set pieces. 


And for the other three, I wanted some decent aerial. (Couldn't seem to find a decent aerial SS, but I remember Moriba coming good for me before, and he jumped to 16 fairly quickly.)


I tinkered around with the system for a couple of months and settled on this. The slow and expressive seemed to allow Sanagré and JWP to get involved with some long shots. They picked up a few open play returns, but really loved the set pieces. 





Very happy with that score. Got lucky with injuries: only Moriba and JWP had a month each, and JWP's was over the World Cup so he hardly missed any matches. 


Definitely enjoying this version of the game, and love the challenge making me use a couple of roles I never would normally go for. Thanks @BatiGoal

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12 hours ago, Mr B said:

Or does it mean NO to unlocks but YES to transfers. 

This. So your attempt is as valid as any other 👍

9 hours ago, Mr B said:



Super score. Will take some beating this. You play snooker by any chance 😂😂 (hope you get it)

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1 hour ago, BatiGoal said:

Super score. Will take some beating this. You play snooker by any chance 😂😂 (hope you get it)

I've never played snooker with any ability... my highest ever break is about 7, so I have a long way to go before getting that maximum!

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