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Chat Team/Tactic Discussion


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Hey everyone I’m in my second season managing Coventry City and I wanted to share the team/tactic and see opinions on how to improve as I prepare for our first season in the Premier League and improve as a manager overall. This version has been harder for me to find consistent success in than older versions of the game so I wanted to pick some brains!

Forgot to screenshot before beginning a new season, but here are the results from the past two seasons in the Championship. I was fired from two prior jobs in the French leagues as I tend to overpromise (Guarantee promotion) and underdeliver (losing in the playoff semi’s…both seasons!).


Tactic used in second season with current players before any loans, signings, and removed two starters who are retiring once their contract ends in a week:


Player philosophy is to focus on bringing in players with high Teamwork, Decisions, physical attributes, and key attributes in their position. Retrain them for as many positions as their aptitude allows so I can have tactical flexibility. Then train in the role I’ll use them in primarily. 

SK: Handling/Reflexes

CD: Positioning/Tackling

WB: Tackling/Passing

DM: Tackling/Passing

B2B: Passing/Movement

AF: Movement/Shooting


In game philosophy is to stay with the balanced mentality and adjust based on game state. For example:

Conceding a lot of possession and shot attempts against - mentality to counter attack.

Winning possession and limiting attempts on our goal, but haven’t scored yet- Mentality to attacking, expressive creative freedom

Losing and need a goal - Formation to a 3412, mentality to attacking. Add a third striker if last 10 minutes.

Winning by 2 or more - Formation to a 52111, mentality to defensive, time wasting on

Defensive mentality and time wasting anytime I’m winning in the last 10 minutes to see out a game. 

As you can see with the GA and GF, we don’t score much, but we rarely concede. 

Most of our goals were scored through counter attacks. Winning the ball, transitioning quickly, and then the striker having a one on one with the keeper. Adeyemi scored 28 goals last season mostly this way. 

Secondary goals came from the ball moving out wide and coming inside the box quickly. This happened via standard floated crossing or low passes from WB-B2B-AF or WB-AF-AF or WB-AF. 

Third goals came from indirect free kicks outside of the box. Only scored one through corners, but free kicks we found success on. By success I think about 5 of our goals came from indirect kicks and the movement of the players. 

Below are some screenshots of the financials and coaching team. I’ll be looking at bringing in at least two CD, a left WB, right WB, and at least one B2B and DM with the PL budget either permanently or on loan if the quality can’t be bought yet.

I do believe I’ve over managed and the quality of this team is not ready for the Premier League. I guess what I mostly want to pick other managers brains on is:

1) How have you created more chances without sacrificing a strong defensive team?

2) Other ideas around in game adjustments that work for you?

3) Other attributes I should think about focusing on that find you players with good mentality. As I’m bringing in several new players. 
4) Anything else you’ve found to help jumps between leagues when you’re player quality is low?





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I think what's most important is playing to your team's strengths and accommodating for their weaknesses. For example, your team seems to be lackluster in the passing department ("lacks the ability to spot incisive passes" and "tends to make wrong decisions in key moments"). This means that they lack the creativity to make key passes, and are also prone to make wrong passes at the worst possible moments. As such, they might be better off with safer movement of the ball, i.e "short" passing style and "disciplined" creative freedom, so as to not waste possession in attempting ambitious passes that you currently lack the quality to pull off. As long as you're able to do this, you'll be able to find a winning tactic for your team soon enough. 


Other than that, your backroom looks fine (just gotta get everyone to gold if you can), and you have a hefty enough transfer budget. I also noticed you had a few great wonderkids (Tillman & Adeyami). Your foundation is already decent enough, but I'd focus on improving it even more (sorting out your tactics, signing players that'll be around for a while, etc.) for your first season in the Prem so that you'll have something solid to build up from for your following seasons.


All the best man! If you have any other questions feel free to ask ^w^

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