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Tactics 3-5-2 Antonio Conte Tactics in Spain


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Hey Everyone... 

Am trying out different formations in Different  Countries based on Famous Manager Tactics in different  leagues for a maximum of 2 seasons and see their success rate 

This time I tried out the famous 352 Conte formation he used to win Epl in Chelsea...Serie A in Inter. 

Below is the breakdown of the tactic 1882170846_Screenshot_20230205-213130_FM23Mobile.thumb.jpg.fd729af4ba0eb4510eb72afc78b14210.jpg

Lined up with 2 central Defenders and  1 Ball Playing Defender who is able to start attacks from the back.

In midfield  I used to 2 wide Miedfielders who are able to defend in case of out possession and also attack when in possession..they should have good strength ...pace and stamina 

I used 1 CM who is able to pass to more creative teammates.....1 Ball Winning Midfielder who is constantly looking for Ball when out of possession and  1 Roaming Playmaker who is the heartbeat of the team 

I had 2 poachers infront.161024316_Screenshot_20230205-214152_FM23Mobile.thumb.jpg.902d2a3b861e0b106e0ae84d4c09da3a.jpg499115142_Screenshot_20230205-214159_FM23Mobile.thumb.jpg.ace8bfc717f12201e2bf30f939057149.jpg111355128_Screenshot_20230205-214204_FM23Mobile.thumb.jpg.ff7564e6ab41fed73ed84daf53bcb4a4.jpg


I finished no. 5 in the league probably because I had Cavani in strike who easily gets tired....though he was somehow effective

I had among the top 3 defences in the league as shown below1621171939_Screenshot_20230205-213056_FM23Mobile.thumb.jpg.1488ffd75f77d77e356fbfee47ce2bae.jpg214227470_Screenshot_20230205-213119_FM23Mobile.thumb.jpg.fa70824d1685c0b2f8bffaef35f12f98.jpg

Conceded only 23 goals lowest on the league and had 20 clean sheets out of 38💀💀behind only Madrid.

My target though was to get UCL qualification.....am trying for the 2nd season to achieve this before testing another tactic

Oh btw....I took part in a semifinal lost 1-0 on aggregate to Sociedad

Next trying out Tuchel's 343 in Italy...idk with what team though🤷‍♂️

Anyways....waiting for your contributions in the comments section


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