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Help Tactical Style Keeps Reverting


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Hi all. I just started playing FFM and absolutely love it. This community has been incredibly helpful in me figuring out what to do so I am hoping someone can help with this. 

I keep selecting Clean State as my tactical style. Once I input everything as I want, save and play, it reverts back to a preloaded tactical style. 

For example, I set a 4-1-2-3 and inputed my team instructions and player instructions. Immediately it changed from 4-1-2-3 in the corner box to Gegenpress. Is there something I need to be doing to ensure I same getting a clean slate and not reverting back to a preloaded tactical style?



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5 hours ago, BarnDoor said:

Ok, I'll assume this is a genuine question and not a troll...

Tactical style just loads up a preset. It has no actual effect on tactics.


It was, thanks! I didn’t realize that. I’ve been playing around with tactics and noticed that the screenshots of most had the formation and not tactical style so I was concerned I was screwing something up. 

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Yeah, as long as you set other instructions the way you want them you'll be fine.

Every now and then people ask about the tactical style and it became somewhat of a meme here. Hard to tell who's genuinely asking and who's just trolling 😅

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