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Tactics 4-1-2-2-1 TIKI TAKA TACTIC (plug in and play tactic)


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Hello everyone

My name is Frostdweller and welcome to my 4 3 3 tiki taka tactic. This tactic was inspired by the pep guardiola, the tactic consists of overloading but at a slow steady tempo so it focuses on high possession and a big number on attempts on goal. I tried it with Lazio and at one point I was challenging for the title, so then I thought why not try it with a lower league team so I tried it with Vicenza in Serie C Italy, with Vicenza I signed experienced players for my serie C side and played with my Tiki Taka formation and got promoted to Serie B. Then in Serie B I signed a few wonderkids on loan and achieved back to back promotions and got Vicenza to Serie A. Please have a look at my screenshots and see what you think, personally it's one of the best 4-1-2-2-1 tactics I've ever played with and I think it will be for you to

Screenshot_20230217-213712_FM23 Mobile.jpg

Screenshot_20230217-213743_FM23 Mobile.jpg

Screenshot_20230217-213803_FM23 Mobile.jpg

Screenshot_20230217-213807_FM23 Mobile.jpg

Screenshot_20230217-213811_FM23 Mobile.jpg

Screenshot_20230217-213815_FM23 Mobile.jpg

Screenshot_20230218-140811_FM23 Mobile.jpg

Screenshot_20230218-153115_FM23 Mobile.jpg

Screenshot_20230218-193701_FM23 Mobile.jpg

Screenshot_20230218-194517_FM23 Mobile.jpg

Screenshot_20230218-194534_FM23 Mobile.jpg

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Thank you for replying, when I'm lower league like serie C I rely heavily on experienced players and in leagues like serie B I rely heavily on young talent from top clubs on loan and I switch and swap with substitutions. If I still lose or are to lose the name game I demand a better result and if I win after the next game I go balanced in my team talks, I rarely go upbeat coz I don't want them showing off

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