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Challenges Fine Wine challange

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You don't have to drink it. Let's see who can get their player to play as long as possible. Different Categories for different position, providing assist, scoring goal, getting red card, actually improve etc. Whatever ya like. Idk if it's common one or not but I thought it'll be fun little challange among intense ones. Good luck if anyone's actually gonna try.Screenshot_2023-02-26-22-32-36-419_com_sega.soccer.eleven.thumb.png.1d30df7f1a93133ecf757d430cb47984.png

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Since Ibra scored a pen tonight.Screenshot_2023-03-19-02-04-42-328_com_jio.media.ondemand.thumb.png.58300428666c5190bf549c4d4dffeeb3.pngI decied to get him on scoresheet for this challenge. So here he isScreenshot_2023-03-18-19-38-48-999_com_sega.soccer.eleven.thumb.png.dbdb878c33adb8557ba213c236ef60ef.pngScreenshot_2023-03-18-19-37-15-957_com_sega.soccer.eleven.thumb.png.5a26c1944a5d2ea2d80518f0a173b893.png

45 years old. Yet he manages to score one from open play. Will be looking to get him to score at 50yrs old.

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