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Career Matlock Town- Season 1 End


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Season 1 of the Matlock town save has ended, and you could say it went very well😉

Our Form=0F415424-CC14-4A76-AA7C-D7DE53BF9136.thumb.png.6c20473295e15f79047261e7f2885109.png3C978EB7-F2C8-4427-AA6F-06D339F7EB93.thumb.png.4630d45dd2afabffd4bd6f4fef1ff7e4.pngBC805865-F4AB-4408-AC21-6F23A3843CFA.thumb.png.1166f6ec388b3389eeb1a149f1343955.png97493A0D-5678-4C91-8CD2-39D4D784342D.thumb.png.ef84b69c14ec561563ad0729207a2e48.png38D02A5B-3E85-45B2-B5FB-A3EFDEE33A73.thumb.png.b73aa56a4aa8a73c3b78338b9f19ad84.png44F328A9-E6DA-4091-80D6-D7F1E2C2EAE3.thumb.png.448c250aed9bd4a77eb3be817110b806.png

So yes, you could say it went very well :)

At times we hit poor runs of form when some of our players got injured with a couple of draws7EB290E5-C4DC-4D3F-879C-55D0D2F65B2D.thumb.png.08332650234fc96b749b73cfb62e0a2a.png

Kristian is a baller so he was a big miss for the team.

Notable moments= 


Brilliant turnaround against Plymouth who were 3 divisions above us. Obviously us winning the league was great and shay willock with 48 goal involvements was 🔥

Although after losing the FA trophy final agonisingly on penalties he hit me with this………B1390274-29BB-445B-A029-6C08F1BEA6E3.thumb.png.96c494ae5797eea0e8024c4e0ff97d57.png

He will be staying with me, I will make sure that will happen.

Some players will be coming in along with a very good youth intake so next year will look promising, some players will be retiring or moving on as well which will free up spaces for young players. 
Next update will be season 2, it will be posted soon🙃

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