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Man. United (MUFC) Team Guide - After Winter Update!

Manchester United (MUFC)
Team Guide: with Latest Squad & Transfers!


Manchester United Football Club (MUFC) – for FM Mobile 2023 (FMM23) - based on winter data update (March 2023)

Thinking of starting a new save as Man. United ?!

  • Latest Squads - bye Ronaldo, hello Weghorst!
  • Updated Abilities – boosts to key players like Rashford, Martinez and Shaw 
  • Wonderkids - boosted potentials mean the club now have TWO wonderkids. 

Guidance – this guide will NOT give you all the answers, but highlights your key decisions!

Update - this is an update on the original guide (November 2022) available <here> with changes kindly provided by Vibe legend @Scratch


Board Expectations
Same as when FMM23 was originally released - you need to qualify for the European Champions League (ECL) - either via the top 4 or by winning the Europa League.

The data update has NOT changed your transfer budget - you still have a £103m warchest. Plus even after releasing Ronaldo, you still only have <£200k extra wages available


:star::star::star::half:  3.5 Stars (out of 5)

Some changes, but similar situation to before - you still have great quality for season 1. However still have a huge decision to make for season 2. 

  • Star - 31 year old De Gea is easily your best keeper + now has increased 'communication' attributes in the latest update (from 11 to 16).
  • Backups - the club now have Heaton new loanee Butland as backups - but both only until the end of this season.
  • Youth - it seems Kovar's potential decreased in the update, while Vitek's rose - they now have roughly the same (low) potential.


Key Decision:
Same as before the update - you still need to decide on who your #1 keeper will be from (at the latest) season 2 onwards:

  1. De Gea? Sign him to a new contract, hopefully on reduced wages, however he's not interested in negotiating at the start of the game!
  2. Henderson? Allow De Gea to leave, then promote Henderson to be first choice keeper. While cheaper, this is a downgrade in ability. 
  3. New Signing? Bring in a top young keeper to take over - either straight away or in-time for season two. Perhaps Portuguese keeper Costa?  

Centre Backs
:star::star::star::star: 4 Stars (out of 5)

Small improvements: +:half:
you still have ONE GREAT center back, with one upgrade and a few additional decent squad options.

  • Star - Varane remains your best defender - with great stats, but an expensive contract.
  • Upgrade - fans will be pleased that Martinez seems to have been boosted - with slightly higher attributes, ability + potential in the latest FMM update.
  • Backup - the club have plenty of squad options - Maguire, Lindelof, loaned-out Bailly, Jones and Tuanzebe - though the latter two's contracts are expiring.
  • Youth - no great potential - with Mengi's reduced potential in the winter update - now he, Bernard, Jackson and (not shown) Fredricson now all having similar (low) potential.


Key Decision:
You need to decide on who will partner Varane:

  1. Martinez? The likeliest option - especially after his attribute, ability and potential boost in the winter update. BUT he’s not that dominant defensively.
  2. Maguire? If you want an aerially dominant partner, he remains a good (but slow) choice.
  3. Back Three? Perhaps a back three gives more solidity, especially if the wide DCs are allowed drive forward as ball playing defenders?!
  4. New Signing? Alternatively you bring in some new young stars ... but is central defence your key priority to upgrade?!

Full Backs
:star::star::star::half:  3.5 Stars (out of 5)

Small improvements: +:half:
you now have ONE GREAT full back, with plenty of decent squad options. Though you'll want to upgrade.

  • Star - left back Shaw has been upgraded in the winter update - with many attributes now +1 or +2 higher than before.
  • Updates - right back Dalot also seems to have had a small upgrade in ability - reflecting his good performances this season.
  • Squad - you have plenty of other squad options - but all are at max 3 stars potential, so longer term upgrades are needed.
  • Youth - left wing back Fernandez now has higher potential, but is unlikely to reach even Dalot or Telles' ability levels.


Key Decision:
Similar to before the January update - you’ll need to decide how to improve on this going forward …

  1. Existing Players – keep who you have + instead invest / improve in other positions
  2. New Right Back – upgrade at least right back with a new stars / wonderkids.
  3. Eliminate – potentially move to a back three formation, which doesn’t need wing backs?!

Will publish the midfield and attacking players - now with 2 WONDERKIDS (!), boosts to some star players & a big (Ronaldo-shaped) gap upfront!


Edited by DanEnglish
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Manchester United (MUFC)
Team Guide: with Latest Squad & Transfers!


Central Midfield
:star::star::star::star:  4 Stars (out of 5)

Similar to pre-update
probably your joint-strongest position - with some great players & decent squad depth:

  • Star = captain Fernandes is the team's star player, is only 27 + 4 years on his contract 👍
  • Squad = behind Casemiro + Eriksen (with a small downgrade in the update), you also have squad depth in McTominay, Fred + van de Beek.
  • Update = midfielder Sabitzer is in on-loan (on 140k/wk wages!) for additional squad depth.


Key Decision:
In the short term - how to get the best out of star playmaker Fernandes? That's to be discussed in a tactical post later on!

Midfield YOUTH
:star::star::star::star:  4 Stars (out of 5)

Small improvement
a new section because there are SO MANY of them - plus we have our new wonderkid!

  • Wonderkid = 17 year old Mainoo's potential has been upgraded 🔼 in the latest update, with 10-14 for most midfield attributes. Exciting.
  • Backups = you have a few other 2 star ability midfielders who can be used as backups now (or squad players later).
  • Downgrade = unfortunately Hannibal's potential seems to have decreased 🔻 he now joins those backups as a 3* potential player. 
  • Upgrade = 17 year old Gore has had a huge potential increase 🔼 now he could become a first team player!


Key Decision
How to best develop your new wonderkid?

  • Squad Player? keep him in the Man. United squad / bench, mentored by his idol Casemiro.
  • Loaned Out? give him first team football through loans to the Championship or League 1.
  • Ignore? just buy better wonderkids / young stars who can play 1st team football now. 

:star::star::star::star: :half: 4.5 Stars (out of 5)

Small improvements: +:half:
after releasing Ronaldo, we now rely on a young group of pacy attackers alongside 1 wonderkid!

  • Star = Rashford's ability rose in the latest update (with improved movement), plus he can further improve (not shown in the 'stars'). 
  • Wonderkid = 17 year old Garnacho had a HUGE increase in ability + potential , he now (theoretically) could become the club's best player! You'll want him to sign a new contract!
  • Squad = you have a group of young, pacy, wide attackers - most of whom can also improve, except for 26 year old Martial whose a bit unprofessional, on huge wages, & won't improve much more. 
  • Update = with Ronaldo gone, you now have Weghorst on-loan as an aerial / target man option.


Key Decision:
What styles / tactics do you use to score goals?

  • High Pressing? but your attackers' teamwork is rather low, which may impact it's effectiveness
  • Through Balls? so how can you create the space for your pacy attackers to run into?
  • Dribbling? while your attackers are speedy dribblers, how will they find space to dribble into?
  • Crosses & Aerial? or rely on target man Weghorst to head home crosses from the flanks? 


That summarises your existing players  + key decisions in each position - based on the latest March / Winter update.

Next MAYBE we might consider some tactical options for you 😀  

What do you think?

Edited by DanEnglish
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3 hours ago, sahil7 said:

this is amazing

thanks for putting in so much hard work 

You are welcome 😀 Part 2 is now posted (see above) - with midfielders & attackers!

Man. United are one of the most popular FM + FMM clubs to manage, so hopefully guides like this help both the FMM players + bring those players into the Vibe community. 

Edited by DanEnglish
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15 hours ago, Tanza said:

@DanEnglishCan you make a similar one for barça with recommendations for new signings as well.

Unfortunately I won’t be doing guides for other clubs. I asked this question before FMM23 was released <here> Man. United was the chosen side. However feel free up write up a Barca guide yourself 🙂 

5 hours ago, TheShane said:

Where can I compare old vs new stats of my Milan player before vs after the update

For attributes / stars - just compare any player screenshots you made before the update, with the player’s attributes / coaches’ stars after the update.

For CA / PA - you’ll need to ask someone else very nicely (that’s what I did), or find a way to download / compare the CA + PA data yourself.

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