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Tactics Catenaccio reborn - with set piece instruction


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Hi all,


Back again with (another) defensive/counter attacking/catenaccio style tactic molded on the principles of Helenio Herrera.


The core ideals are; Defensively solid. Fast and direct passing. Win and have the tactical style tag on the manager profile read Catenaccio

The set up is based of Helenio Herrera's grande Inter (as always), but with a few tweaks to make it work in FMM23.

The team will defend with a back 4.5, with the CBs, BWM and usually the DW as well. Man marking as shown is important to stop the players wandering around and to stop any runs coming through.

the team should attack with a front 4. Namely the Striker, Trequartista, SS and one of the RP or WM/Winger

Forward can be changed to suit the players you have, however i found the most effective to be one of a DLF or AF.

Wide players work best in tandem, that is one slightly more defensive and one slightly more offensive. DW/WM or DW/W


If you find yourself facing a low block with 7 players, change the mentality to Attacking or Control.
If you want to see out a result:
Move the wide players back into WB roles, change RP to a CM and then Closing Down to 'Own Half' and Tempo to 'Slow'. You can also alter the shape to bring the Trequartisa and SS back into CM roles or as IW (depending on your players)


Tested with Liverpool (briefly) and Inter, post update although I stupidly didnt save the screenshots of the season with Inter


Best of Luck!






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1 hour ago, AndersJ said:

Thank you for sharing;) 

Off topic what happened to your logos ;)?

I forget where I found them, just something different to the usual/standard

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great match with Liverpool below.

also found some screenshots of my first season at inter. Shape was slightly different but player roles much the same. Instructions the same





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