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Guides/Tips Experiment - do Player Traits matter? (in the match engine?

What do Player Traits do? (in the FMM23 match engine?   

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  1. 1. What do Player Traits do? (in the FMM23 match engine?

    • Vital - ‘Hugs Line’ forces wingers wider, overrides your tactics instructions
    • Useful - ‘Hugs Line’ encourages wingers to go wide, but not against your tactics instructions
    • Nothing - ‘Hugs Line’ does nothing in the match engine, it is just a label
    • Other / Don’t Know

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2 hours ago, Meow said:

Is my non-HugsLine winger showing tendencies I didn't see the HugsLine winger do in 3 matches and making the opponent go narrower? Or is he narrower because the opponent happens to be narrower on that highlight?

Now I'm thinking of running just 1 more experiment with a HugsLine winger instead. hopefully getting maybe 4-5 instances of this particular play (RB receives the ball, see how RW moves).

Thanks for your reply @Meow. Like you said, I would like to see more with the 'Hugs Line' winger to see exactly how they differ.

From the 1 instance you showed, it does seem like the 'Hugs Line' winger started at a similar width to the non-'Hugs Line' winger, but he definitely stayed wider while the ball was near him. As you put it, he was "kissing the line", while often the non-'Hugs Line' winger seemed to be more backing into the opposing FB, or even cutting between the FB and CB.

Like I said in my earlier post, I would like to see if the 'Hugs Line' winger gives more space for your RB and possibly "encourages" him to cut inwards into the space created by him dragging the defender wider. I also wonder what it would look like if you had a 'Hugs Line' winger paired with a RB where both have a trait such as 'Plays One-Twos', since the winger could drag the opposing FB wider and they could pass back and forth to force a 2-on-1 on the wing. I really don't know if that's how the match engine works, but I personally like if that was a feature.

Overall, I think it would be nice to see more testing, but again, it's up to you guys since I'm not the one able to dedicate my time to the actual testing :) . It is quite unfortunate that it is hard to tell whether the width of play is more action or reaction, but I guess that's just how the game is. Looking forward to seeing more!

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I'm now using a right winger with "Hugs Line" and "Runs With Ball Down Right" and while it's early days, he does seem to dribble down the right a lot and get right into the corner, eg:



I'll probably find my cuts inside winger does the same lol, but for now I *think* this lad is doing it more often/effectively.

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