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Help FMM23 game saving issue


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Hi Guys,


I am in the year 2030 (sorry im sad)with Borussia Dortmund in my 5th Season and finally won the league and just won the Champions League vs Wolves as a underdog. I finish off and go into new season and start arranging friendlies and even done a few transfer ins and out. I get to the Super Cup Germany and decide to save the game. Next time I loaded I am back to before the Champions League final?

I decide to play it again and get to the same progress as I did before just before the Super Cup save the game and instead of waiting until next time I decide to load the game and it does exactly the same thing again. It's so frustrating as beating Wolves (who are a super team in my save) is really difficult but this is a bug that is unacceptable and didn't happen to me in the previous version.


Currently playing a Samsung S8 Ultra Tablet.

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Are you clicking 'latest save', or selecting the latest one from the save list?

My 'latest save' option is regularly 3/4 saves out of date 

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