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Chat I started playing fm23 and I want tips on how to do tactics


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Hello, I already apologize for my English, I started playing fm a little while ago, I still don't understand how tactics work,

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Hello, and welcome to Vibe!

This is a difficult question to answer. There is no short answer here...

Let me start by asking some questions first... Do you want to build the team around the tactics (buy the players) or do you want to make a tactic that suites your current players? Answer that and you have made your first step.

I usually make tactics that suite my current players, until 3rd season. It gives me enough time to bring in the players that I want and to start playing the different tactic. If you dont have wingers in your team, you cant really play a tactic that requires wingers, right?

You said you want to do 1kc challenge... In my opinion, the easiest way to do it would be with a single striker up front with high aerial attribute and with lots of crosses (wingers and wingbacks). That should give you a solid start for your tactic.

It would be easier to give you more advices if you would post pictures of your tactic, and some explanation why you chose to play that way.

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Great advice so far - so here are three extra resources where you can read more: 

  1. How to make a tactic according to your team - someone asked this question last year for FMM22 + was discussed fairly thoroughly <link>
  2. What formation to use + what players to buy - a guide this year for FMM22, also still absolutely valid <link>
  3. The tactics guide - indepth intro to building your own tactic in FMM back in 2014 (!) but most of the lessons still apply now <link>
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My suggestion,

1. Start a strong team first. Good players can help you to focus on tactics only.

2. Start a solid shape first, such as 4-1-2-2-1. This is formation fit almost all style of play. 

3. Start a balance team instruction first. If you know more then try to tweak against different situation.

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