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Whoever wishes to respond to me, thank you so much and I appreciate. 

Well, I've played 14 seasons into the game and I do not wish to start a new save, I just change clubs and that's it. 

My issue or problem is no matter what tactic I use, the AI is so quick to figure how to beat me, I have used so many tactics, formations, I've used unimaginable tactics also, so may work and then after 2 matches, AI would beat the hell outta me. 

I have dominated in England and Spain, and I want to dominate all other leagues playable in my save but, I just can't win matches anymore 

I have also used so many tactics I've seen in this community, 3 at the back, 4 at the back, 41212, none seems to be working for me anymore 

Can you share a tactic that works for you, I'll like to try it, seems the one I see in the tactic index no longer works

Thanks so much, I appreciate 

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Try using a 352 with atleast all players 4 star. A Pocaher upfront paired with a Target Forward. 2 wingbacks and 2 central midfielders and 1 Ball Winning Midfielder (strong one btw). 2 center backs and 1 ball playing defender.

Should be defensive. Look for over lap. Shoot on sight. Tempo should be mixed. Set to players to sit back and defensive line should be medium.

Tap on me incase of good or bad news 

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