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Fun/Games Striker Trials

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Striker Trials


10 strikers, 9+ different scenarios, but only one will be crowned the best striker. Welcome to the Striker Trials!

Inspired by @BatiGoal's FMM Cup where the game is simulated in different scenarios, and my very first Interactive Game FMM 2015 Solitary Game where the contestant's decision skills are tested in a knockout style tournament (which @BatiGoal turns out to be the winner as well!), I bring you the Striker Trials!

What is this?

The idea of the game is simple, 10 strikers had been chosen as the initial roster, and each round I will simulate a different scenario involving the 10 strikers, and see how well they fare in such scenarios. Each round, the striker placed last will be eliminated, and the game will go on untill there's only one striker remain, and he will be crowned the Best Striker (at least in this game).

What are the scenarios?

There will be different scenarios in each round, from "playing in the Vanarama Nation League" to "playing with only 1 stamina". That was just some examples of how crazy things will go. Each round, I will start a new save, create the scenario with the IGE, and simulate one or more season, the strikers will then be ranked based on their performance (goals tally, most of the time). 

What do you need to do?

To make the competition more interesting, each round you will get to choose one striker who you think might excel in that exact scenario, and points will be given based on how your chosen strikers did (1 point if he placed last, 2 if he placed second from last etc.). You will be ranked based on your accumulated points and at the end of the game, the one with the most points will be crowned winner.

How do I join?

Simply leave a message below, and you will be in the game. The game will start once we have enough players, you can join anytime throughout the game as well, but there will be disadvantages compared to those early birds of course.

The Initial Rosters

And last but not least, time to introduce the initial 10 strikers picked to compete in this competition. 

  1. Lionel Messi: The GOAT who had won it all, but does he had what it takes to win this?
  2. Cristiano Ronaldo: He might be playing in Saudi Arabia, but just can't be left out in this game
  3. Karim Benzema: Ballon D'Or winner, arguably one of the top strikers in recent years
  4. Robert Lewandowski: 5 goals in 9 minutes, say no more!
  5. Erling Haaland: The next GOAT striker, who else?
  6. Kylian Mbappe: Another potential next GOAT
  7. Mohamed Salah: The representative from Africa 👑
  8. Romelu Lukaku: Might not be the best IRL, but one of the best when it comes to FMM
  9. Harry Kane: One of Premier League finest, can he finally win something here?
  10. Heung-Min Son: The representative from Asia

So these are the 10 strikers that will be competing from the beginning, while some other top strikers are left out, but that does not mean they won't be featured in the game...

The Contestants

  1. @StuartM 50 pts 🥇
  2. @BatiGoal 48 pts 🥈
  3. @DanEnglish & @Indian 47 pts 🥉
  4. @Meow & @Titjes @AtleticoWolves 46 pts
  5. @Kanegan 45 pts
  6. @P.Rahul 44 pts
  7. @broodje kip 38 pts
  8. @TheShane 37 pts

That's all for the intro, feel free to ask any questions, and may the best prevail!

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1 hour ago, Kun Aguero said:

(which @BatiGoal turns out to be the winner as well!

I love this .. let me quote it one more time ..

1 hour ago, Kun Aguero said:

which @BatiGoal turns out to be the winner as well!)

Can't see this enough 😂😂


But honestly, I had totally forgotten about that. Ages ago, but enjoyed reading through that again. I'm older now, I'm wiser, more experienced... Basically I'm unbeatable at this moment 😁

Lovely idea @Kun Aguero I'm game!

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2 hours ago, StuartM said:

Can they do it on a cold Tuesday night in Stoke?!

They defo can’t but we all know the great Chicken Sandwich can

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I remember the day that I signed up for such community events and no one else dared signing up after me. No one!

I was respected and feared at the same time. Where's the fear? Why are people still signing up??

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45 minutes ago, BatiGoal said:

I remember the day that I signed up for such community events and no one else dared signing up after me. No one!

I was respected and feared at the same time. Where's the fear? Why are people still signing up??

I don't fear finishing last 😂

Everyone knows the strongest is always at the bottom of the table... holding everyone else up!

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Count me in!

I rate my assessment of players. It's something I enjoy as well, plus you kinda just pick it up over multiple years of FMM.

Small problem is I'm used to crazy overpowered regens, so my perception of real life players attributes in FMM might be skewed hahahaha 

Edited by Meow
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Striker Trials: Round 1

Cold Rainy Night in Stoke


Lionel Messi might have completed football after winning his World Cup but can he do it in a cold rainy night in Stoke?

That will be the question the 10 strikers will need to answer in the first round of Striker Trials. 

The Scenario

  • The 10 strikers will be randomly placed in 10 Championship clubs, where their goalscoring ability will be tested against the Championship defenders.
  • I will simulate the game for 1 season.
  • They will be ranked based on league goals scored, while assists will act as a tiebreaker.
  • The strikers who did the worst will be eliminated.

The Strikers

#1 Lionel Messi in West Brom



Potential Lineup


#2 Cristiano Ronaldo in Birmingham City



Potential Lineup


#3 Karim Benzema in Hull City



Potential Lineup


#4 Robert Lewandowski in Cardiff City



Potential Lineup


#5 Erling Haaland in Wigan



Potential Lineup


#6 Kylian Mbappe in Blackpool



Potential Lineup


#7 Mohamed Salah in Coventry City



Potential Lineup


#8 Romelu Lukaku in QPR



Potential Lineup


#9 Harry Kane in Rotherham United



Potential Lineup


#10 Heung-Min Son in Huddersfield Town



Potential Lineup


What do you need to do?

  • Pick 1 striker you think will win this round.
  • Send your selection to me thru PM.
  • You may discuss in this thread, but is advised to not reveal your selection.
  • If your striker placed #1, you will be awarded 10 points; 9 points if your striker placed at #2, and vice versa.
  • You have around 48 hours to make your choice.
  • Signups are still open

Feel free to ask any questions, and have fun! 😁

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6 hours ago, P.Rahul said:

What if 1 Striker choose by multiple participant.?? Then how u decide winner ??

Both will receive the same amount of points, the winner will be decided by points accumulated after 9+ rounds

5 hours ago, TheShane said:

Am I late ???

You're still welcome to join 

4 hours ago, StuartM said:

I love it 😂

Kylian Mbappe at Blackpool just has a comedy ring to it, I might have to vote for it on that basis!

You sure you don't want to go for Son at Huddersfield? 🤔

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Answer is obviously the player whose club doesn't go broke from paying those wages first.

Edited by Meow
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1 minute ago, Meow said:

Answer is obviously whoever club doesn't go broke from paying those wages first.

Hahahaha too true - you can imagine…

“The club are sad to announce we have had to sell Messi to offload his wages.”

or … “haha! Suckers! We’ve just sold Messi to Man City for £20m! Pure profit baby yeah!”

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One of the FMM Cup rounds was playing a top striker in a lower league side and I did so 10x taking only the best result. I know exactly why such players can be highly inconsistent at times and what factors the AI considers to make them succeed at weaker clubs. Chances are I'm at the top after round 1.


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16 hours ago, BatiGoal said:

I remember the day that I signed up for such community events and no one else dared signing up after me. No one!

I was respected and feared at the same time. Where's the fear? Why are people still signing up??

We fear you no longer old man

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2 hours ago, Kun Aguero said:

5/11 selections in, we have 2 favorite picks so far 👀

It's gotta be like 2, 2, 1, where I'm the muppet that picked the 1 and he'll score last 🤣 

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All votes in, simulation done, and results should be posted soon! Any predictions who's gonna lead the table after the first round? (Hint: At least one of you manage to get the full 10 points while there appears to be one huge disappointment 👀)

Robert Lewandowski

Erling Haaland

Mohamed Salah

Romelu Lukaku

Heung-Min Son

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