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Help How to make correct substitutions in the match?

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Hello everyone, I would like some advice on how to read the game well and give it a change with the substitutions I can make. I know it will sound very funny but the truth is that I would really appreciate it, every time I make a substitution I get 6 and in some cases my morale drops and it affects the team a bit.

What tips or tricks could you give me?

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I look for player status, like rating, morale, energy and more stats. I generally at least 20 minutes(b/w 60-70min mark) to my substitute to get decent idea of their impact. Also I already know who's gonna get tired easily like wingers and players with low stamina so I have my substituion lineup set accordingly. It's generally a few fixed subs and other vary with situation.

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1. Ensure You Read the Rules on Sub Numbers

This one is first cause it's important. 3 or 5 subs can make a difference in your substitute strategy.

For 5, max 3 at half time and 4th sub at 60 minutes. For 3, I tend to do max 1 sub at half time with the 2nd subs by 60. Max means it could be less, depending on the player's condition and if I'm pushing a game/resting a player.


2. Player Condition

In safe margin games, I tend to sub off players that I intend to play the next game at either half-time or 60 minutes. I also do precautionary subs when players run off knocks if the condition is pretty bad, no real reason to risk it.


3. Tactical Substitutes

In tighter games, it can be a creative CM for a defensive CM (though ideal world you get 1 player that can do both no subs required) or a particularly speedy player subbed on against a tiring defence that has so far managed to keep you out of their goal.


3. Yellow Card

Fairly obvious, yellow card doo doo.


4. Giving Certain Players Game Time

Players just returning from an injury who are not 100% yet, good squad rotation players to maintain match fitness and youngsters 16-18 who could need game time, Not necessarily a choice that benefits the match, but a good long term management of the squad.

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