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Hi Guys! 

I am here to share a variation or mixture of 3 game plans put into 1 piece 

The mother plan of this game plan came from FOKATIS, a member of this community and I want to use this moment to give him his credit, thanks so much. I got this inspiration from the game plan or tactics you shared with us "THE TWIN TOWER". 

The next inspiration came from NUNO ESPIRITO'S TOTTENHAM / WOLVES formation 3142 DM

lastly but not the least, the Liverpool deep crosses and long and direct cross filled passes. 

In the game play of this tatics, you will notice more of direct passes, cross field passes and lots of crosses but it was set to shorter passes. 

No corner exploit but you can exploit as you would get lots of corner in your matches an average of 7 corners in a game. Average of short taken ranges from 6 and above and shot on targets can be 70% of the shots taken .


The strength of the tactics comes from having a 2 solid CM which serves as the double 8 and also a solid CB that will play the sweeper role. 

Note! The double 8 in football terms is the Box to Box midfielders but in FMM, the box to box isn't effective as the Roaming Playmaker so I used RP instead of BBM, you will see that in the screenshots below. 

You can took to have a striker with good Aerial rating so as to not waste the crosses 

I set my DM (Anchor) on man marking same as my 2 DWs, why? My DM would mark the opponents AP or SS because I figured out teams that play with SS scores a lot and my DWs would press the opponents Fullbacks or wing backs high on the pitch and initiate quick counter moves or get in quick crosses 

In my save, I resigned from my job to pick SO4 who were in bundesliga 2,I got promoted my first season and won the bundesliga 1 my second season 


Screenshot_20230318_094440_FM23 Mobile.jpg

Screenshot_20230318_094454_FM23 Mobile.jpg

Screenshot_20230318_094504_FM23 Mobile.jpg

Screenshot_20230318_094512_FM23 Mobile.jpg

Screenshot_20230318_094639_FM23 Mobile.jpg

Screenshot_20230318_094715_FM23 Mobile.jpg

Screenshot_20230318_095028_FM23 Mobile.jpg

Screenshot_20230318_095022_FM23 Mobile.jpg

Screenshot_20230318_095511_FM23 Mobile.jpg

Screenshot_20230318_095612_FM23 Mobile.jpg

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4 hours ago, Stiv said:

Gonna try it. Which stats should I look at when I'm buying players?

Tf-Aerial, Strenght, Movement

AF-Pace, Shooting, Technique

RP-Stamina, Passing and Team Work, shooting possibly 

Anchor-Tackling, positioning, Strenght

DW-Converts Wing backs or Full backs or look out for Crossing and no inverted foot. Right DW should be right footer or both 

Sweeper Tackling, Pace, 

CD Taclking, Positioning, Passing

Gk normal 

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Got mixed results with a presumably mid-bottom table Premier League team. Struggled to get promoted from the Championship and currently fighting against relegation in the Premier League. Decent defensively but awful in attack, rarely scores twice in a game. Often get reports saying “poor use of width”, “wingers struggled to make an impact”, “wasteful goalkeeper distribution”, and “lack of forward runs from midfield”. Tried to fix the problem but only ended up performing worse. Got any solutions or is that the limit of the tactics?

Started the season strong but just dropped out of nowhere, very inconsistent.347CD61E-3360-4007-9C49-23DFE11C8E17.thumb.png.f493acda14e72ec8cdaf7fe3b2ea56f8.png77CACEB5-BBCB-46F3-AB15-DA3DC2038E95.thumb.png.c113340375c7d7313804859fc525f05d.pngB4869B7C-3BE6-437F-A9E7-2231CF5F97A0.thumb.png.600e3bdcba7628bdc8fbcf5cd9a11887.png6B07F2DC-0C57-41B1-854F-20B27B57FF98.thumb.png.01414c8f7a2f7c1a75468fb757a91969.png

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