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Career Tezgel+Leaburn DT S4


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CLUB : CELTICCeltic_FC_svg.thumb.png.718de55eff78b531aec480224150daa9.png

Players : Emre Tezgel and Miles Leaburn .


2 tall Strikers for my wing play tactic.


Transfers : IN


Signed some good potential youth .. and some good mentors.. 

Best signing was juan mata .. and Milan Duric and best young Winger and Wing back Frauendorf cost just 1 million and he may be have surely 4-4.5 stars PA.

juan mata with 15 for attributes like creativity passing and decision.. with steady personality.

Milan Duric 18 + Aerial and work rate .

Transfers : out


Sold most of the players at half price and some players gone in exchange deals.

Results :Screenshot_20230319-125549.thumb.jpg.d8a50a1dbe90611349e0fa314d7de357.jpgScreenshot_20230319-120606.thumb.jpg.bde41bb3bcbd0dfdf4d466db76d46294.jpgScreenshot_20230319-125524.thumb.jpg.c18584ebc150a36083d1a52238a60f0b.jpg

Remained Unbeaten in League in 1st season is major highlight although We lost in Premier Sports cup.


Injuries: tezgel remians injury free as coaches says he is rarely injured and leaburn injured for 3 weeks but total injury count was very high.


at 1 point there were 5 players of 1st team squad had injury at same time . 

Tezgel and Leaburn's Development and performance.

Tezgel :



Tezgel scored 26 .



leaburn scored 27 goals 

Total Goals count : 53 goals .


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Mistake ss
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Solid start.

Some outrageous transfer dealings also.

The fact that you got tezgel in a straight swap and no money for forrest is quite frankly ridiculous.

Or was it Mccarthy?

Regardless thats some immense business

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I signed all players on 50% sell on.. but i am not going to sell many of them. i need ur help on player's renew contract .. 


Tezgel wants 400k weekly wage right now ... Is he going to accept  contact with Celtic or i should start new save ???beacause i can not afford 400k weekly wages in any case .. he is relentlessly ambitious...

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Ok I will try. Thanks .. i not able to remove him from transfer list .. he requested the transfer and i accepted in January.. now is there any other option.?

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1 hour ago, Indian said:

Go to talk to player and go to wants to leave, then press persuade to stay, it may work.

yes i think it will work .. this is his transfer status.



37 minutes ago, deepheat83 said:

When does his contract run out?

Did you not offer him the longest possible when you signed him??

His corrent contract runs out at 2029 .. i think i have to win CL..Next Season or 2 it is very difficult for Celtic to win CL .. Screenshot_20230321-233139.thumb.jpg.6ebed375708accbd2f68ab6d62630216.jpg

This is how he influence the squad he got ambition from mentoring now he take down team loyalty to D and if i rejected his transfer request he may further effect negativily and i don't have enough wage budget at that time to give him back up player status..so i have to renew his contract as First team player. 


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Screenshot_20230320-231336.thumb.jpg.9c777cd2df2f6a9860d6f80d62015bbf.jpgS2+S3 players stats and development :

Leaburn Development+ stats


scored 99 goals after till the End of S3.

Tezgel Development+ stats till the End of S3.


Scored 109 goals till the end of S3.


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Season 4

players stats as Development is fully completed not much changes this Season attributes wise.

Leaburn stats :


Scored only 38 goals and struggled to score at mid Season.. though he came back strong at the end .

Tezgel stats :


Tezgel scored 52 goals and struggled to score at the end of Seasons.. after every mid Season he req. For transfers listing him self and  his moral and loyalty goes down to lowest rating. 



And this Season Celtic won UCL ..


Beating Man City in the final. 2-0 ..  where leaburn scores brace to seal the deal at 90 minutes mark .. although i never had and extra time game in UCL this Season.. 



Won everything this Season 1st time .

Manager profile: 

Screenshot_20230322-210136.thumb.jpg.a60b5b449eafc4397c5d51e4a6ecb5d3.jpgand main architect of CL victories.


1 is best in defence and other one in attack i think kelly played brilliantly as BWM . In my tactic against UCL teams .


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