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Tactics Manchester United 4-2-3-1 (4-2-2-2) Erik ten hag ish.

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Hello everyone, I was trying to revive IF's and started a new save. Actually looking for a high press tactic for United but went for tiki-taka and very well suited.  

Here's the tactic:


Before the starting to save, tried to understand the player roles and playing style of Erik ten hag. 

Goalies wasn't good on the ball. De gea, Butland, Heaton.. none of them. So decided to play with standart goalkeeper. Screenshot_2023-03-24-13-12-40-201_com_sega.soccer.eleven.thumb.jpg.b04aa13670c71be5140770e3b1510e00.jpg

Dea gea was a superb. He concided 13 goals in the league. I know not because of him also we had really good defence as well! 

CB's were really solid. Confortable on the ball, made clever tackles, starting counter attacks...Screenshot_2023-03-24-13-17-27-317_com_sega.soccer.eleven.thumb.jpg.8f4c0dc05d54eef372594f9294302363.jpgScreenshot_2023-03-24-13-17-23-776_com_sega.soccer.eleven.thumb.jpg.e1f2df5b9dde936f2269ee6e0093daec.jpg


Full-backs... Luke Shaw as a inverted wing- back doubling the pivot the Casemiro when Eriksen go further. Dalot was a modern full-back he goes wide and played close the touchline mostly also helping the CB's the creating 3 at the back. Shaw made 8 assits in all competitions. 


Casemiro and Eriksen are our pivot midfielders. RPM role suited for Eriksen because likes to join attacks and making creative passes for teammates in all over the pitch. I couldn't get best of him but he was engane for the team. When I needed a goal he delivered. 

Casemiro was an warrior. Huge impact for the team. World class tackles and creative.

Bruno Fernandes, our captain. What a performance... Even without playmaking role he was our main man for the front. Lots of key passes, deadly free-kicks and penalties. I have no words for him! 



I wanted the use inverted winger because Antony, not like in the Ajax. I mean, he doesn't play the same role. He is a more creative winger when playing for United because Premier League is  more challenging and it is not easy to do these dribblings against foreign opponents. Of course he still wanted to cuts inside but most of time he looked for the creativity. Same words for the Sancho as well.

Rashy... Omg what a performance. He was our goalscorer and nearly first striker. Really enjoyed the performances. And I think revived the IF role. :))



Weghorst and Martial up front...

Praise for the Weghorst man. His teamwork rate, passing, decisions... I really like the players that playing for the team, not for himself. Always looking for the teammates and he gets the ball and creating space for the Rashford.

Martial was solid also. So many injuries, unproffessionalism... Mostly sad face. BUT he played for the team and I'm really surprised. I was expecting a selfish player but no no no... He wasn't at all and suited for DLF role.




Win the PL, Carabao and UEL. Also Rashford won the top goalscorer and player of the year. 


Other statistics: 



Overall, tried to replicate Erik ten hag's tactic. If wanted to try this I will be happy for your opinions.

















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22 minutes ago, O'zed said:

So is Anthony a winger or Inverted winger?

Actually I changed Antony's role to inside forward. Also DLF is now Complete forward. Now forward scoring less inside forwards involving the game more and scoring. (Passing focus now both flanks.)

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12 hours ago, shepharddark12 said:

Actually I changed Antony's role to inside forward. Also DLF is now Complete forward. Now forward scoring less inside forwards involving the game more and scoring. (Passing focus now both flanks.)

So the tactic works well now?

Can you do a de zerbi recreation?

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3 hours ago, O'zed said:

So the tactic works well now?

Can you do a de zerbi recreation?

Tactic works without those changes no problem there. 

I can try de zerbi one but i don't believe make that happen movements in mobile version. 

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