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Help Advanced Playmaker Role on a Winger?

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I've not used it for 1000s of matches but here's my idea-

Use it when winger isn't pacy and/or can't dribble. It's like IF role for CAM or like wide midfielder with more offensive prowess. Won't hug line like winger, won't make runs into box but a hybrid.

Advantages are you have a playmaker in wide area when if you can overload with wingback and a central midfielder you'll have him in nice space to whip a dangerous ball in.

Disadvantage is you don't take on opponents and he may not make those runs like an IF would into the box. And if you have solo striker he can get overwhelmed. 

I've used it when I have no playmaker in midfield due whatever reason and when my striker feels like hulk.

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Unlike the winger or the inside forward, the advanced playmaker in the wider wing position has more freedom regarding his positioning, whether cutting inside with the ball or moving to the outside of the fullback for a cross. He will pick and choose his moments, often being influenced by his stronger foot in deciding whether to go inside or out.

Supposedly James Maddison or Jack Grealish are favoured for this role, advanced playmaker will rather play in his teammates than take a shot himself.  However, he will still occasionally take shots from distance, especially if there is no teammate in a better position, or he has a player trait that encourages shooting from a long way out. 

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I used it when in the center advaced midifield  position I can spend a serious AM (for my experience it is worth to use AM when you have very good mental attributes ). Or if, as said in one of the previous comments, you have a creative winger but with no pace and aggression.

Wide APM usually moves less vertically on the pitch but can attract a defender out of position and so opens spaces for your forwards beyond the opposition defensive line. 

In a 4 2 3 1 it is nice to use on the same side a wide APM in combination with a IWB. IMO it would be useful also in a 4 2 2 2 (a 4 4 2 with higher wings) but I have never tried yet 

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