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Tactics Simone Inzaghi's 3-5-2 : Inter Milan (+ man marking )

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7 hours ago, topline said:

отлично сделано, я бы хотел, чтобы Лаутаро забил в два раза меньше голов в реальной жизни хахахаха

Thank you, have you tried this tactic yet?
And I'm more amused that my WM managed to give out so many assists, they have a huge amount of work which is why it is desirable to have three WM on each side (imho)

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11 hours ago, topline said:

nicely done, i wish Lautaro would score half as many goals in real life hahahaha

Are you really an Inter fan? Only a true Bianconeri 😃 who wants less performance for a striker from a club that is a major rival for Juve can say that.

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9 hours ago, Marcelito17 said:

Может ли эта тактика применяться к «Интеру» в этом году?

Yes, You can apply it to the current season's lineup: 



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A quick test with Man City ( not the most suitable team for the 3-5-2 isn't it ), during the test after 10 matches KDB broke (4! months), then Dolphin ( 2! months), then Ruben Dias ( 3 weeks). At this point the test had to stop, how successful it was you judge :











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