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Help How to build on a team


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Hi guys, started a save with Villa in the Prem and I obviously don’t have a load of money like united and city, was just wondering on how I could get better players that will improve and not break my bank but also can play in the first team. Just any advice on team building would be great guys, thanks. I’ll post my tactic and players below. 


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Great question - so just like a real manager:

  • What position(s) are your highest priority to upgrade?
  • If you don’t have enough finances, who can you sell (inc. in your reserves)?

Then if you need players immediately (start of season 1), you can check the free transfer list, loan list (for backup / squad players), plus the ‘release fee’ thread on Vibe 👍 

If you can wait (January or end season 1), then the transfer list + expiring contracts often have the best bargains for lower budgets 👍 

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Sell players taking huge salary and aren't worth it.

Wonderkids can be bought cheap and can turn into monsters.

Sign free agents.



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Just had a look at Villa’s players in-game. A decent squad, but definitely could be upgraded.

13 hours ago, Jamo2001 said:

I obviously don’t have a load of money


£58m for transfers + £300k/week extra for wages? That’s pretty good! 👍 


Priority Positions
Without knowing Villa’s squad that well, the squad depth report suggests D/WBR is a weak spot - seems you need an upgrade or competition for Marty Cash


Plus I’d say you need a better striker. Neither Watkins nor Traore are that good - at least in game.


You have many options at right-back:

  • Dumfries would take most of your budget (unless you offer a player in exchange!)
  • Mario has a £43m release clause, while Foyth has one for £36m!
  • Semendo is in the last year of his contract, so you can get him for around £20m-ish
  • You can afford youngsters like Frimpong, Soppy, or Livramento …
  • … or buy experience like Marusic.


Plus many striker options - depending on what type you want - an aerial threat (Zapata, Gonez?), a pacy star striker (En-Nesyri?), a cheap pacy wide attacker (Barbosa!), or a creative type (Dybala’s release fee!)


Aerial + strength 15 or more:



Pace, movement and finishing all 15 or more:



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58m is a lot, you obviously can improve team with that kind of money.

My advice is , if you still don't know which players you want, always search for players with expiring contracts in your 1st day at management - you can get them for cheaper than they usually do.

Then when you want to bid for them, always use enquiry first - you'll know how much the club actually rate the player - you can start negotiating after you got the number. 

You can also exchange players you don't need to further reduce the price.

For example ,with this method you will be able to buy :

Right Back : Semedo, 15.5m, for less than 21m

Or even better, Hector Bellerin, 4.5m, not the best but decent, with around 1m release clause - he will improve to 8m player after you bought him.


Striker :

- Marcus Thuram , 14.5m, for 16.5 m

- Andrea Belotti, 12m, for 12.5 m


And those prices are before you negotiate even further.

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