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Chat TIGHT Schedule


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I've had it once only where it was unusually tight like your schedule. We get the usual 4-5 games in 12-15 days, but I believe I had 8 games in 18 days. 

A single rest day in-between games is ridiculous of course.

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3 hours ago, TheShane said:

10 Matches in 22 days......

Has anyone else faced similar situation with schedule more dense than a neuton star


Wow. Definitely worth piping up to SI on this.

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Happened to me once in Serie A as well. Besides playing 2 different starting 11 for every game, I had to put everybody on light training schedule for 20 days trying to avoid injuries.

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12 hours ago, Helio said:

Happened to me once in Serie A as well.

Makes me wonder, is this serie a thing

I also recalled many on loans as I only have 18-20 players in my squad. Good thing is my mids have amazing stamina so I can rotate then once a month or so

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1 hour ago, ericm544 said:

do they not reschedule games in the Italian league?

I'm pretty sure they do reschedule games due to domestic and European cup games. I guess serie a is just bad at it cause they PACK final weeks way too tightly and also have to give a week off before UCL final.

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