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Career Some Screenshots. An Experimental Season. A Crazy Season.


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Before I begin, I used a tactic which can be found !!HERE!!. It's a tactic for FMM 19 and one that I thoroughly enjoyed using all those years ago. I decided to give it a shot on 23 out of curiosity, will it be just as deadly? And if not, will things happen?

Things indeed happened!

I played as Man City because Haaland. Obviously.

So, here's the stats at the result of a game against Everton. Screenshot_20230414-144944.thumb.png.a816a8354510c321ef95f3be80350dd4.png

The match below was in the League Cup, if I remember correctly.


And here's a EPL game against Chelsea.


The Preston NE game was FA Cup 3rd Round. 





End of season table below. Of course we won the league! But where did all of those goals come from. Haaland? You shall find out later. I promise.


Home Games league standing! 


Away games!


Not sure why the massive difference between the two. Is playing away really harder than home games?

EPL Top Goalscorer award goes to..... Not Haaland!


Top Assists


Mahrez and Grealish were playing as Inside Forwards, De Bruyne as Advance Playmaker, and Marcus Thurman as a Poacher. Beto, way down there in 12th place, was trained as a Target Player but periodically played a TP and Poacher as and when needed due to injuries and stuff.

Here's a screenshot of the Champions League Final. It was coming up to half time when I realised that I, somehow, didn't select any subs. Was seriously considering reloading.


But I didn't.


I somehow made it through the full 90 mins without anyone's legs falling off. And then through extra time too. Won on penalties. ¯⁠\⁠_⁠(⁠ツ⁠)⁠_⁠/⁠¯.

That's it.

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So, Season 2 starts of with a Community Shield game against Barnsley (Barnsley?). And we demolished them for their audacity to challenge us in such a prestigious competition.


The next match of importance was the European Super Cup and, well, this happened.Screenshot_20230415-183049.thumb.png.412fcc6431ba8b080098031f3e05b962.png

This is a random Champions League game. A crazy number of shots and shots on target with over half of all possession.


And a game against Everton, my nemesis from Season 1.


On on a similar theme, a Champions League Quarter Final, First Leg, against Liverpool.Screenshot_20230418-122214.thumb.png.a78881d5c5a46ada476ea7159ebebf96.png

Yan Couto was given a rating of 3 during this match. I've never had a player have rating below 4. Ever. He had the cheek to complain when I fined him 2 weeks wages. Apparently I was being "unfair" ¯⁠\⁠_⁠(⁠ツ⁠)⁠_⁠/⁠¯


And, now comes the 2nd Leg of this Quarter Final of this prestigious competition. Do you reckon we had it in us to do the impossible and score 10 to qualify for the next round? 


It turns out we didn't. We did score 5 though beating them 5-1 on the night. I can't remember if Couto played this leg.

Soon the season came to and end and we won the league very comfortably.


Haaland topped the goal scoring chart this season, probably to make Beto look like a rank amateur after his goal scoring exploits past season. Beto however finished 7th with a respectable 18 goals.


Mahrez had an amazing season in terms of assists, he was top of the EPL charts in this category and, I think, he finished the season close to 30 assists in all club competitions.

I rotated De Bruyne and Foden in the central AM position all through the season and am surprised that they both passed double figures for assists. Jack Grealish did not perform as well as I had hoped this season playing left IF. Probably going to get rid of him. 


And that's it for Season 2.

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