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Tactics My Attempted Recreation Of Johan Cruyff's Philosophy.

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Alright, So Guys. this is my first tactic recreated by me. I tried to make and recreate the philosophy of Johan Cruyff at Barca.  [ Before i Show you the tactics, keep in mind this is my 1st tactic ever created by me so please don't be too harsh, i tried my best. But at the other hand Your free to point out issues in the tactics as I'll modify and fix those issues. ]

Now one more thing, in real life Johan Cruyff actually used his Right Striker a DLF but I decided to sign adeyemi and i tried to fit him in the system, so i adjusted and modified The DLf to Advanced Forward. And i did not expect this to work pretty solid. Because i changed my DLF to AF, my games became alot better and my results became much better. But if you don't have strikers who have huge or high pace I'd recommend you use AF, it also depends on the skills if you wanna fit it in your system. You can customize the striker To your System and Players. I took some inspiration from Ole Gunnar Solskjaer. It's been quite solid or as i should say better than expected atleast.  lost some games but overall this was better than expected. I hope y'all like my tactic as it took 7 Hrs+ to go through this games.Screenshot_20230409_220118.thumb.jpg.aaf9dbdcafc14f7704bed39d7d3165ed.jpg













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It's fantastic that you where able to make such an unusual formation work I'll definitely try with some club and show the results,did you win the prem with united in your first season with this?

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Replying to Lebeeeee.

Well, it was quite close. I was fighting for 3rd Place but got 2nd due to Tottenham Bottling Champions League. I forgot but i won the Europa League, FA Cup and Carabao Cup.  Also this tactic worked superb in the late matches. I recommend you not putting Width on Wide as it creates holes on the Midfield and Teams Like Liverpool Abused it against me. I prefer clicking balanced width. Btw. I forgot to click the pictur of winning the FA Cup and Carabao Cup so if u want proof, you should check the Results. As this is all the results from the season.

Replying to TheShane.

Thanks Man. this tactic can either work wonders or it becomes meh.






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