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Tactics 2-3-2-3 Bielsa Batiball


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I like to put a narrative behind my saves and as a big Bielsa fan I wanted to do my tribute to him in FMM this year. I looked at former players of his who didn't manage anyone. Batistuta stood out as someone who had spoke highly of him after playing for him under Argentina so I decided to become Batistuta. After looking him up online he is currently living in Perth Australia. So that's where I begun. This style is pretty true to how Bielsa sets up his teams, the placement of players in the tactical setup is to ensure the play the right way in the match engine. Attacking, pressing high and using lots of width and overlaps with a deep lying pivot midfielder and two high wide wingers cutting in. I put a Batistuta stamp on it with the complete forward up top and it works really well. I never expected it to work so well or be so fun to watch in the engine it was just a tactic for the story I created. This has become my favourite tactic since the winter update, my Perth team ran away with the league and I didn't have the best side in the division by any means, the game I lost was coz I hit the wrong button on my team talk and screwed it up. I moved to Italy to Udinese who finished my 14th the season before. I bought players to fit the system but Id say I have a mid table squad and I'm currently topping the division. So I think my win percentage is pretty impressive. It plays so nice to watch in the match engine and really does work a lot like a Bielsa tactic. You will create high percentage chances through stretching the opposition. A complete forward with decent heading is necessary and wing backs with high stamina. Inside Forwards should ideally be on the opposite side to their favoured foot and the tactic takes 5 or 6 games to bed in so give it time. Let me know how you get on. 








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Let me know how you get on. Remember to give it time to bed in. 

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2 hours ago, Ryan51 said:

They look good lemme try


Let me know how you get on. 

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