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Tactics Pochettino Tactics


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Given that Pochettino appears to be Chelsea bound I spent some time reviewing his time at Spurs and the tactics he used in order to recreate them on FMM. 

The result have been decent with Leeds, albeit not spectacular, but given the squad isn't the best I still think the tactic is overperforming. 

I do tend to dominate possession in most games and create decent chances. 

I haven't been able to test it for a full season, but I'm happy enough that the roles I've picked and what I've seen in game, this is a decent representation of his tactics. 

I do switch to Counter and add Time Wasting in the last 15 minutes if I want to hold on to a particular result. 

Update: I beat Spurs 3:1 away after the screenshot of the League Table, so after 19 games I have 30 points. 





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2 hours ago, scouse_v said:

How is it coming through? any impactful individual performances? stats etc? 

Still going well, currently competing for European spots. 


My CAM and ST are my best scorers albeit not huge numbers. 


My LW has a great average rating and good number of assists. 


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15 hours ago, valde556 said:

What u tactical play ?


It makes absolutely no difference. 

These just set templates for your tactic, just go with clean slate and change the instructions to match what I put in the screenshots. 

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