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Challenges Defence wins titles!!!


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Hello Vibers.

In the year 2004, a certain Portueguese magician was brought to manage a Chelsea team under Abramovich and was tasked  to compete against the greatest teams in the land at that time Manchester United and Arsenal. Astonishingly he went on to win the league in his very first season in quite a remarkable fashion. That was Jose Mourinho. He went on to win the league while conceding only 15 goals and losing only 1 game. Many times fans and pundits call his football too defensive or even at times boring but one thing is for sure Jose is a serial winner. 


Sir Alex was quoted once saying "Attack wins matches  but defence wins titles" but how true is this. Lets find out. 

The challenge is to mange any team in one of the top 5 leagues in Europe {England...Spain ...France...Germany...Italy} and conceding the fewest goals in a season.

You are allowed to bring in only 2 players through transfers.   

How points are distributed

0< 5 goals conceded....60

6<10 goals conceded...50

11<15goals conceded...40

16<20 goals conceded...30

21<25 goals conceded....20

26<30 goals conceded....10

31<35 goals conceded.....5

36<40 goals conceded....try again

Additional points.

Number of clean sheets multiplied by 2points

Winning the league + 25 points.

Hopefully whoever comes across this will take part and post results. Goodluck to whoever will take part.

PS: it's  a one season challenge and there will be a leaderboard too

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