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Tactics Legia’s 41221 Vertical Tiki Taka


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I’ve used this version of a vertical tiki taka for the entirety of my save with Legia Warsaw. I won my first champions league in 2029 & have won 16 since, along with winning the Ekstraklasa every year. 

The first couple years I kept a pretty big squad and rotated super often.




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2 hours ago, Fmtrizzy said:

What did u do for defence you haven’t included .

Defense is the last screenshot


as far as for Newcastle, I think it’ll work- i used it with Spurs last year and had really good results.

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I will try this with Barcelona 

1. did u change anything during matches etc? 


2. How long did it take for player to adapt to these tactics did u get results quickly?

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57 minutes ago, Fmtrizzy said:

Also did u make any signings to help the tactic?

I definitely made a bunch of different signings- Harry Redknapp would be proud.


the main thing I did when bringing signings in early on was matching them to the roles I wanted- Legia’s strikers are pretty old and lacking ability so I brought in Fer Nino on loan the first two seasons. However in midfield, Legia’s current tandem of Josue and Kapustka are perfect for the midfield I want. 

i never change anything during matches but I make the same 5 changes every match at roughly 65 minutes- P, IF, AP/CM, BWM, FB


these are the positions that generally get most fatigued with this tactic.

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On 07/05/2023 at 19:39, Fmtrizzy said:

Okay thanks if the players preferred role is something else but I put them Bwm for example will it still work? 

I don’t think any tactic works optimally if you’re not using players meant for that role. Some you can get away with at the lower levels, but in your case I wouldn’t try to get away with it at Barcelona. Competition is too challenging

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