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Tactics 4-2-2-2 Moving Parts

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Hi all!

I am just testing out this tactic within my very long save that I’ve done. 

Overachieving mid table team, thanks to Black Hawk’s tactic, I thought I would try and have a go at making one from scratch. Hope someone can help me tinker it to be the best it could possible be. Got a good 1-0 result against a high flying Man City.

Currently in Europa Conference League, and only played two games with it, but will update as to how it goes.

Pictures attached. The idea around it is that every player has their part to play to get the tactic working. WB and IW on the left, so that there is space down the line for the full back to run down. 

IWB and AP on the right, as they become the creative parts of the formation, playing in balls, and setting up goals.

BWM and BBM to collect the ball, interrupt possession, and the BBM especially to go up the pitch with the ball and create chances using the space from the IW.

Two AF, both score and create chances for each other and the other players in the midfielder.

Normal goalkeeper, don’t like a SK as I believe they can make mistakes and come out and leave themselves exposed to easy goals.

One CD and one BPD, more offensive minded to play passes and start some of the attacking movement for the formation.

I have it on attack, but looking at testing in control, just for a more possession based method.

I would absolutely love feedback on this and any advice!





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