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Tactics 2-2-3-1-2 Tactic with Mbappe Success 50+ Goals

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Hi All

Test required to see what others think, I basically threw it together in the aim to answer @Johncop question on whether Mbappe can be used to score over 50 goals even without the aerial strength.

@Johncop asked: So, my question is not only for Mbappe : is there a tactic that allow a striker with bad aerial skill to complete 50+ challenge ? I don't ask a plug and play file but more reflexions to find by myself

So as I have done recently, I played with 1 season, using Mbappe as the sole striker, with a change in formation on how to use both Messi and Neymar to the best abilities, without scoring the goals, and I came up with the following:

The Formation turns out to a 2 CD (1 being a BPD), 2 forward pushing WB's, a BWM in the middle of 2 CM's (Still waiting on @DanEnglish to show the results of the BWM), then I used Messi as a AM or AP (Depending on how the game is going, AM to push the game higher to press, AP if I want them to sit and receive the ball more to then pass forward), finally, this is where I changed it around, If I had a right footer (Neymar) I would put him as a LEFT IF or at times a PF, opposite if I had a right footer, I would switch to a Left IF or PF. This then leaves Mbappe in the is example as a Trequartista role to save him from coming back to often, hopefully as it says not doing as much defensively. (Did it work, let's see).

Right footer - IF Left and the AM/AP on the right of the Treq -

I played with Attacking on to keep pressing

Kept it Narrow play, tried Balanced but didn't get much different results?

Kept the Tempo as fast and creation to expressive as there are some very skilful players that can turn it on, maybe not use this for not as skilful teams?


Left Footer (Messi) so a Right IF and the AM/AP moves over to the right of the Treq


Rest of the Instructions

Defence - Simple high line, Close down all over the pitch you reduce the amount of play by the opposition.

Tackling stays Normal as with a narrow play, I found lots of reds cards was being shown when on Committed


Final Third

I put Early crosses on as I know Mbappe isn't the tallest, but I found it also helps that when it is crossed from the WB it isn't always in the air, meaning with Mbappe's pace, he ran on to more than I can mention (Could this be turned off, maybe but I found Look for Overlap pointless in this formation)

Passing I changed to Short also depending on the game, of it seemed to be long ball specialists, I switched it to Short to stop as many wasted balls.

Passing Focus, I found the best for goals was Centre, but I had a few games with plenty of success on Mixed, so you can switch it around again depending on the score to try and change it in your favour.


So that is the Tactic and instructions if anybody want to test it, the results I got with PSG and Mpabbe are as follows 

Possible Questions already:

1. Note this is not a Plug and Play, and I did not Holiday, Cheat by save, close, load, It was all about changing when I thought it best to from Left IF to Right including the AM/PM

2. I did not change Mbappe from a Treq, stayed with this ALL season


Won the League with 5 games left (I know it's not hard with this team)



Final Outcome:

Won the League with no Losses, scored 93 goals and only conceded 7 giving me 102 Points

As you can see I took it all, both French cups, and the UEFA from Liverpool (only 1-0 though from Mbappe)


Fixtures (if anybody wants to see the outcome of the games):

Best Results - There was a few 5 goals, maybe a 6 now and again, but the main task was getting goals for Mbappe to be truthful)









Mainly players to bolster the team, and few key to helping strengthen the Team.




Team Stats (Again if anybody wants to see how the team performed)


Mbappe with 66 followed by Messi on 20


Assists (not bothered):

Messi and Neymar contributed with 12, followed by Barella on 8


Av. Ratings:

Not as high with the majority of the team, obviously Mbappe, Neymar and Messi was high, and some of the rest was for my liking OK!


Final Stats Manager:



Mbappe Awards:

World Football of the Year

French Player of the Year

Ligue 1 Uber Eats Best Player of the Year

Ligue 1 Uber Eats Top Goalscorer

Best Player in Europe

Makes Stars Team and XI team of the season










Please give it a try, as I said I made it up from reading @Johncop question, and thought you must be able to get 50+ goals from Mbappe even with crap aerial.

Let me know how you get on and please and ask away...


Edited by Cockers2505
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Giving this a shot in different leagues... starting with PSG, will try with Leipzig / Bayern, and Chelsea/ Brighton in EPL, Either of Madrid teams in LaLiga... 

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5 hours ago, scouse_v said:

Giving this a shot in different leagues... starting with PSG, will try with Leipzig / Bayern, and Chelsea/ Brighton in EPL, Either of Madrid teams in LaLiga... 

Let me know how you get on, happy for any amendments or if you keep it at it is

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