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Help Problem in my save

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Help i am playing as granada manager and in the 3rd season i won the la liga but now in the 4th season im struggling to win any game using same players and tactic . and i might get sacked 

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Same players + same tactic? Huh. 🤔 

Do you proactively manage morale? Like talk with each player every month, give them new contracts, address their concerns (like ‘worried about lack of squad depth’ or ‘thinks others would be a better captain’) … ?

… as poor morale can really have a VERY negative impact on performance.

Just an idea …

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24 minutes ago, super3mr said:

I got throught that season . 

But i think what you said was true how to fix this ?


Can you take the same screenshot - but not of all the worst morale players - instead take a screenshot of your 1st choice team’s morale 🙂 ?

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Here’s some morale 🔥 advice from Marc V. at Sports interactive, specific to this years game - about team talks + motivational coaches




… plus sone other advise from other Vibers - about talking with players + on good / bad form:




… plus some other chat here about offering new contracts to improve morale.


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