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Chat Bug? Board Expectations on create ‘My Club’

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Is it a Bug?
Board Expectations on create ‘My Club’ 


Has anyone else noticed this potential bug?

AFC Bournemouth have ‘battle bravely against relegation’ as their board expectations in season 1 …


My Club
… but if you create your own club, releasing Bournemouth’s players + adding only new rubbish ones (eleven 46 year old half-star GKs) … 



… then the Board expectations are a mid-table finish … ?!


Surely losing all your players shouldnt give HIGHER expectations?! 

Thoughts? 🫤 

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Not to sound pessimistic, but have the Board thought you have brought in brilliant players, regardless of their actual abilities, so thinking you have improved the team and in so should get a better result within the league??

So the 2 don't talk, actual team is crap, but the board think you have improved it by releasing the players they thought was average and now they don't know you have made it worse, but in their eyes (AI) thinks you have improved the squad with your amount of transfers? Thoughts

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59 minutes ago, Pete123 said:

See what happens if you make one small change at a big club? I guess the game is coded to "mid-table" as it can't assess your changes.

That is an easy, simple, and very testable hypothesis 👍 I like it - thanks for the idea + suggestion.

PS. Yes this thread should have been in the bug list thread. I’m my defense, is forgotten that other thread existed at the time (despite me having posted in it before!)

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