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Tactics 4132 - Rising Through The French Leagues

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I've always tended to default to a 41221 in the various versions of FM & FMM over the years, but I've been disappointed with wide play in this version, so I thought I'd try something different, something narrow: the 4132.

I took over at Nancy in the French Championship, and have succeeded in consecutive promotions and am now in Ligue 1.  Bearing in mind my budgets have been very limited, so it may do better with players of higher ability.

The main aim is to be defensively solid and maintain possession while looking for openings. The Anchor sits back while the AP pushes forward along with the WBs so it is a 3412 when attacking. The BBM and CM are shuttlers, keeping possession and finding players in space.


Nothing too fancy with Mentality: Control to try and keep possession to find goal scoring opportunities.


Defensively, a mid block; I don't want to be too gung go, but also not too cautious. I will often go to Defensive and Time Wasting when trying to see out a lead.


Attacking, I want everything to go down the centre, but with the WBs overlapping to create some width and give passing options.  Short GK distribution to keep possession.


In terms of results, this is my second season in Ligue 2. A bit of a mixed start, but once the players started to gel things improved greatly, with a great unbeaten run to finish the season and seal promotion to the top flight:IMG_1136.thumb.png.5b1b150e368622ef10ff6259f9b1eead.pngIMG_1137.thumb.png.6dd7639ce57f813bd902af4fa4c9ff8c.pngIMG_1138.thumb.png.65f965ca81ef63141a31747528ba3040.png


In terms of weaknesses, it can get a little bogged down in midfield at times, and the two forwards can be a little isolated from the midfield. The AP sometimes doesn't push on enough.   The WBs haven't been as effective as I would like, but this may just be a player quality issue. 

It's also quite a low scoring tactic, lots of 1-0s. But this suits my management style 😁

There is some scope for flexibility - I often push the Anchor and AP forward a step when facing a 442, or can go to a 41212 also.

I hope, once I can get better players, to try a more deep lying forward to link attacks, but decent players required for this are hard to find on my budget!


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16 hours ago, Dkrakf said:

Is this tactic able to control the possession?

It's a weird one. Often the possession stats are fairly even, but the match highlights (on Extended) are heavily skewed towards my team. I can only assume the opponents have lots of 'unthreatening' possession.

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