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Career Director of football (Liverpool)

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Hey all!

So I've kinda got bored of the game so wanted to change things up.


I've decided to become director of football at Liverpool. 

I just make one of my coaches assistant. And then go on tactics change your formation to there preferred formation. So if your assistant favourite is 4.4.2 change your tactic to 4.4.2. I didnt touch player rolls just kept that as default and made sure he took care of training aswell.


All i did was bought players who would go into the system. For example if your assistant played a 4.4.2 pointless buying a player who plays CAM Only as he wouldn't slot into the team your need central midfielders ect.


Between transfers  windows just keep going on 1 day holiday's everytime a game comes around. Then after transfer window is closed. Just start from the 1st day of that month and keep going on 1 month holiday's until the window reopens or the season ends.




But lets see how the season went



The manager

Peter Krawietz was already at the club



As you can see he likes a 4-2-3-1 DM



Summer and January signings



Savic didnt turn out to be that good barely used unfortunately made around 18 signings.

Moleiro was a hot prospect made 11 appearances.

Busio again hot prospect signed in January played a handful of games.

The load signing was just cover a i sold kelleher.

End of season review




started the season strongly



ended strongly



unfortunate end of the season

But something to build on for next season and hopefully bring a cup home.



player stats

No surprise salah got top scorer




My overall conclusion 


I really enjoyed it as you just run the business side of things and skip the rest. 


I can accept the fact people would hate this way of playing as its football manager and the aim is to pick a team and manage it not pick a team and go on holiday and make your assistant pick the team ect.

Also makes time fly. You can do about 5 seasons in about 45 minutes if you really wanted too. 


Overall would give it a 9/10


● small tips if you decide to give this a go.

● Pick who you want as your assistant then set your formation to his formation. 

● Run 2 or 3 friendlies and check the results and look at the players he picks can kinda give you a idea of how his players roles may be (cant promise) i saw he picked fabinho and Henderson as his DM so i assumed potentially BWM and salah was always up top so i just went with a Complete forward but likely incorrect with that call.

● Always make signings that fit to his system. So if he plays 2 dms you wanna look for a Dm if he plays with no CM dont sign a CM unless he can play DM or CAM aswell ect.

● make sure you do contracts evan though i didnt tick the box saying dont offer contracts he just didnt bother so come January i had to rush through contracts. 


If you give this a go please tell me how you find it and goodluck :)



Screenshot_20230619_070517_FM23 Mobile.jpg

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31 minutes ago, MikeF said:

Not to spoil your game but I don’t think holiday made takes your tactics and formation into account. It does its own thing. 

Yeah i kinda thought that. Thats why I change the formation to his formation. Then check the results to try work out the players roles kinda. And kinda hope something works. But regardless its fun

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That's what I was thinking, anyway. That's why I switch to his formation instead. Then, you can use the outcomes to sort of figure out who does what. And I'm hoping that maybe this may work. 


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