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Tactics Kicking it old school - Volume 2

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Time to revisit my 2nd previous tactic.

For this one I have gone for the 1-2-2-3-2.

Tested this one heavily in FMM22 with great success, winning the league in England, France, Spain & Germany with Spurs, Nice, Villareal & Leipzig.

If I recall right, I may have also won the SPL with Ross County in 1st season but never posted, maybe I didn't, can't remember.


Anyway, it was a good solid tactic that had resulted in plenty of possession and plenty of goal scoring opportunities.

Like with the previous test, I'll be running with Manchester City again.

Probably only going to need to make the same signings again (Omishen, Giroud & Carrillo).

Need to add depth in the front line.


Again, won't be changing anything from the original set up.

Plug and play as is.

Let's go


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18 minutes ago, Tammy lois said:

I think i'd be testing this one out with you. but i'd go for arsenal

keep me posted.

Was actually very effective

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4 hours ago, deepheat83 said:

keep me posted.

Was actually very effective

 i have started already and i'd surely  keep you posted.

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