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Tactics Tactic 4-1-1-2-2 road to glory!

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Hello, I present my tactic, forgive my English, but I'm using Google translate hehe, it's a 4-1-1-2-2 a bit asymmetrical, I've won the national league north with 11 games still to play, I've sold almost all the team he had (I've only stayed with Pollock) and he signed everyone for free, except yerwood for 2M and a regen for 16k I'll give you a capture of all the details of my tactic. To say that in the lower leagues it works quite well, and in the higher leagues you have to have good players per position and it will also go really well. In the captures you will see 10 games lost, they are in the poissy, which I was trying another of my own tactics and I did not like the results. As a piece of information: I am trying to ensure that every player on the team is of the nationality of the league, to facilitate the issue of getting together and so on.

Pros: there is not a single scorer, this facet is very split

Cons: You have to have good defense and a good goalkeeper for it to work well

 PS: I hope you try it and tell me how it goes, thank you very much in advance

PS2: also say that I play with an A team for teams from 1 to 12 and a B team for teams from 13 to 24


Screenshot_20230619-222601.thumb.png.578ba3e9c88edb6dcb0049a22667e207.pngteam A

Screenshot_20230619-222644.thumb.png.34100261ef739196057a1c8013957b9e.pngteam B


Screenshot_20230619-222706.thumb.png.0253a6f8540cb889c271ed3e22ba4021.pngScreenshot_20230619-222711.thumb.png.e8c37015bff5f78cb68b03e8336e8c01.pngcorner (L/R)

Screenshot_20230619-235227.thumb.png.dce13b7ec7c3c44d30b1fe7e41f9a09c.pngthe biggest victory

Screenshot_20230619-222738.thumb.png.89d5c2dc06e5a3e290cd5093f6f26ad8.pngthe league with 11 games to go


Screenshot_20230620-001714.thumb.png.5dfea1b7570c91be4d2f7f156b2621eb.pngin the end










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Here you have the second season, it has not been like the first for two games, one at the beginning and another at the end of the season



The biggest victory:Screenshot_20230621-011505.thumb.png.ed57a01efce6d78ad1a3a8888f560d11.png



my defeat in the quarterfinals:Screenshot_20230621-004701.thumb.png.feef326344b18c75f68dbd301aae3a1d.png


As always, free signings, the rich benefactor used it for salaries and to improve the training camp and youth


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