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Help Understand tactics

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Disclaimer - I think there’s no complete agreement on exactly what each option does.

Here’s what I think each option does in FMM:


In the final third of the pitch:

  • dribble vs through balls  
    (ask players to dribble or *pass*)
  • shoot on sight vs pass into box
    (ask players to shoot or *pass*)
  • early cross vs look for overlap
    ask players to cross or *pass*)

Note: * you could replace each other descriptions above with dribble more vs dribble less, shoot more vs shoot less, and cross more vs cross less. Similar meanings.

Howecer it may be more complex than that. Here’s a good description of what happens in the full FM game:


Some of this may apply in the Mobile version, I don’t know…


Does this help? 🙂 

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