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Help How do you hone a tactic that stops being as effective?

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Been going great guns playing a 3-1-3-3 system until recently where it just seems to have fallen apart. Is there a good way to quickly hone you tactics to maximise potential or once something stops working should you look to do something else?

Find myself endlessly tinkering with the shape and attack options to bring things back and may just be confusing my players.

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So you have a couple of options:

  • morale - could it just be morale / injuries / rotation / some tough fixtures which caused the decline? If yes, then no need to panic.
  • mentality - in an individual match, the AI manager will change mentality depending on the score (going more defensive / attacking) - which changes the players positioning + movement for example. If you have a previously successful tactic, this could be helpful.
  • formation - I often switch between 3-5 similar-ish tactics, mostly with the same instructions - an attacking 4231, a balanced 41221, a defensive 4141 - defending on the opposition + my form. You can see this explained in this guide…


  • … or do you notice a pattern as to when you struggle? E.g. my 41221 always struggles against an opposition 5221 / 5212 - so I end up switching to a different formation (usually a 3142) in those specific games.

Just some ideas / options 🙂 

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Thanks, Dan. I had the initial tactic saved and reverted back to it which seems to have helped. I'll keep an eye on the above though as I have noticed a tendency for my teams to struggle later in campaigns leading to tinkering.

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