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Tactics Getting it launched - 3-1-3-3 Treble Winners

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So, I'm about to show my age here when I say the origins of this tactic date all the way back to FM06 on the PC. Back when you could only get the game on discs.

I wanted to see if it could push my Aberdeen team past the OF as the 4-2-2-2 I initially played was pretty, but not always solid and the 4-2-4 was an experiment that did not reap the attacking rewards hoped for.

Thus I bring you the destructive power of the direct 3-1-3-3. Hardly an exciting one like all you mini Guardiolas, but the Allardycian tactic got the job done as you concede relatively little shots against and usually score the odd 1 or 2 to chug along. It's mostly the Target Man getting the goals and by focusing on both flanks the Central midfielders rarely rate more than a 6 unless they score or assist.

I'm working on seeing if it can be made a bit more aesthetically pleasing by focusing in the centre with IW and going Attacking. Results won't be as good though as I got dumped out League Cup by the team who shall not be named.1170499699_Screenshot_20230702_121810_FM23Mobile.thumb.jpg.6628531f61dab6e3fc107ee9eab7899d.jpg616110785_Screenshot_20230702_121816_FM23Mobile.thumb.jpg.85cb3562c623592a9110916050c31da4.jpg1721580397_Screenshot_20230702_121827_FM23Mobile.thumb.jpg.51aff5d558725011feb7d6db34295ec6.jpg631601117_Screenshot_20230702_161126_FM23Mobile.thumb.jpg.a5aa16bf682a201336e60a529d504062.jpg


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Certainly something different and that's always good.

Looks like it shouldn't work with all that space for teams to use. Seemingly done the business for you though 👍

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