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Career The Nicolòs Ride Again: DT Attempt; Número Dos [SEASON 2!]

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Hey y’all, it’s been a while. Been easing myself back into the game after burning out with it and I think I’m ready for another one of these goal-scoring challenges. Admittedly I’m not the most creative nor adventurous when it comes to challenging myself, hence why I’m revisiting the Double Trouble challenge. For context, I tried the DT 2kc * 2 challenge a while ago (you can check that out here), but I lost the save. I’ll be honest though, with the way it was going, I don’t think I would have been remotely close to beating it. But with new tactics and new… other stuff (including a more reasonable objective, kek), I think I’ll have greater success this time 'round.


THE OBJECTIVE: The baseline is that both strikers must score a minimum of 1,000 individual goals. However, as an additional goal, I would like to reach a combined total of 3,000 goals. I think it’s a good middle-of-the-road yardstick to set; not being too complacent, nor veering wildly in the other direction in an overzealous manner. Feel free to correct me if this isn’t the case though, I have been out of the game for a while now.

LEAGUES LOADED: Same as last time, it’s Scotland (for the team I’m using, you can probably guess what it is already), Italy & Germany (to buy the strikers I’ll be using), Spain (to abuse release clauses), and Holland (because I like the country... and their insane youth academies, at least IRL =P).

THE CLUB: It’s Celtic. I literally have nothing else to add to this section, but it looks weird having a section being 2 words, so instead I’m going to pad it out with a fun fact about the club: Did you know that Celtic are one of only five clubs in the world to win over a 100 trophies in their history? They’ve won the Scottish league championship 53 times (most recently in 2022–23), the Scottish Cup 41 times, and the Scottish League Cup 21 times. 

THE PLAYERS: One of the other things not changed from the previous DT are the star lads themselves, the Nicolòs:


I do believe that while they aren’t the best options around, they are more than capable of beating the challenge. Besides, I felt that it wasn't fair for their story to have such a limp-wristed "ending" in the previous DT, if you can even call it that. That being said, I'll be surprised if I see this to the end though, I have an ongoing TT that has yet to be touched in months 😬 (and yes, I am shamelessly plugging it).

THE TACTICS: A huge improvement from what I was using in the past, it’s essentially a 4-4-2 on Adderall.


It’s still not perfect, but in its current state I’m quite pleased with how it’s performed while I was testing it. Shoutout to @deepheat83, I adapted his 1kc tactic to come up with this.


I think that about covers it for the intro. I’ve already wrapped up Season 1 and am cracking on with Season 2, the write-up for the former should be out by the end of the week, or at least that’s what I’m aiming for. Take care y’all, I’ll see you guys soon ^w^

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PRE - SEASON: “Trimming the deadwood”, more like taking a chainsaw to the metaphorical tree. As usual, new coaches were brought in (2 attacking, 1 youth, 2 fitness) alongside a set of new physios (2 prevention, 1 rehabilitation) and scouts (1 youth, 1 tactical analyst, 1 first team scout). The entire squad got a revamp as well, with only 2 or 3 of the old guard remaining:



(Note: Sam Cox was brought in not as a player, but as a coach. Not particularly important, but no harm in sharing)




In addition to the squad players, a handful of free-agent youngsters were signed and sent out on loan. Long-term investments if you will, either I get a great player, or I make bank in a few years. Nothing much done in January, aside from a handful of Bosman signings that’ll get sold upon arriving in Glasgow next season to pad our coffers, and a random regen left-back from Uruguay.


This is how the A and B teams were lining up by the end of the season:






(Note: CB sub was whichever non-playing CB was fit, barring any injuries it would normally be Morgalla for the A team and N'Dicka for the B team, as pictured above)

The facilities were also a priority, upgrading them at the start of the save and steadily improving them ‘till they maxed out around the end of the season. 



THE SEASON ITSELF: Went pretty well, actually! I mean, surprise surprise, we won everything there was to win domestically. However, what surprised me was our Champions League run. Not only did we top our group, we went undefeated in it. To be fair it probably was the easiest group out of the pick, but for a debut season it’s still quite impressive. We also made it all the way to the quarters, until we got knocked out by Man City and the Haaland of Doom.



(Forgot to grab a screenshot of the loss to Man City, will try to do better next time)


Our best games were probably the ones against Falkirk in the Sports Cup, and Burntisland Shipyard in the Scottish Cup. An absolute masterclass from Tresoldi in both, scoring 5 and 6 goals respectively.



(In hindsight the 5-goal haul isn't as impressive with 3 penalties, but hey, 5 goals are 5 goals)



THE LADS: Firstly, Amadori. Throughout every DT I’ve done or seen, it seems like there’s always going to be that one striker who’s lagging behind in goals. Unfortunately, it seems that Amadori is that one striker this time ‘round, with only 20 goals to his name. In his defence, he was injured twice for a total of 1 month (not including downtime to get back to full fitness), but that’s not good enough of an excuse. He’s definitely gonna have to pick up the pace if I want to complete this challenge.


As for Tresoldi… well, if you’ve seen the previous pictures, you can probably wager that he popped off. And he most certainly did, with 48 goals in 51 games. Hopefully he keeps this up, though I wouldn’t mind if he’d just share a few goals with the other Nicòlo. 




Despite his overall performance, Amadori certainly was no slouch when it came to growth. +2 in Aerial (could be better), Dribbling, Pace & Passing; +3 in Shooting, Decisions & Movement; +6 in Strength & Teamwork; +7 in Stamina. Might not have grown exactly the way I would have liked, but it's still phenomenal nevertheless.





Same went for Tresoldi, who had a +1 in Pace & Teamwork; +2 in Dribbling, Passing; +3 in Decisions, +4 in Aerial, Movement & Strength; +5 in Shooting; +6 in Stamina. Very pleased with how he's grown, especially that increase in Aerial-ing.









All things considered, it was a pretty good first season. Not stellar, but definitely not a dud either. As long as we’re able to keep the momentum going, I think we’ll be on track. Now if only I could get cracking with Season 2… I’ll see you guys when I see you :3

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On 06/07/2023 at 14:35, deepheat83 said:

29mil for Abada to Hibs????

I know that he's supposed to have pretty high PA, but for some reason I've never been able to get him to grow well every time I've managed Celtic. Figured that I might as well cash in.

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PRE - SEASON / TRANSFERS: Pretty standard stuff. Amongst the exodus of players, some were sold to make room for a handful of recalled youngsters who’ve progressed nicely, while others simply weren’t good enough. A small minority were vestiges from the B team, back from the previous season’s loans. 




Regarding the youngsters: Kelly & McGee (regen from youth academy) replaces Rajoda and Musacchio respectively at the start of the season, while Arana and Juranović depart in the winter to make way for Hall and Wormleighton respectively. Donley also comes in at the end of the season to replace Giroud, who’ll stay on but is unlikely to play a role bigger than mentoring any new talent that comes in.


(Note: All pics were taken after the Europa Cup final, FYI)
An extremely good player for his age, he'll only continue to grow. Mostly came off the bench this season, but I expect that he'll slot right into the A team to replace one of the aging midfielders next season.

Our first proper gem from the youth academy, McGee was promoted at the end of Season 1, and promptly claimed Musacchio's slot in the B team. Shame that his personality attributes are terrible though (red arrows in everything, I tried mentoring him but ended up with strained relationships with all my older CBs), because of it I've sold him to Cardiff, where he'll move at the end of the season. I did slap on a hefty 35% sell-on bonus though, hopefully that'll pay off.

Started out his career as a CM, but I repurposed him as a LWB before shipping him out on loan in S1. Seems to have worked, seeing how he's looking by the end of S2. Initially took Arana's spot in the B team, but has definitely outgrown Zalewski in the A team, so they'll be trading squad roles next season.

Not much to say. A decent option off the bench, where he'll stay (Note: He was injured in this pic, hence why some stats declined. Don't think it'll be too much of an issue).

A great goalkeeper especially for his age, he'll be taking Milinković-Savić's spot in the B team.

Replacing Giroud on the bench, he's looking to be a formidable super-sub. 


As for the signees, there’s not much to shout about. They’ve come in to improve on those that got cut, and for the most part they’ve done so. I’ll like to highlight Pihl though, a regen and an absolute gem I’ve snagged from the Bundesliga 2. He’s definitely gonna be something special, and I plan to hold on to him indefinitely.


The pairing of him and Donley is something I'm very much looking forward to next season.

Anselmo also comes in on loan from Wolfsburg to temporarily replace Morgalla (more on that in a sec), but he ends up being signed on a Bosman since his contract wasn't renewed. More than likely he’ll be sold next season. 



THE SEASON ITSELF: Before we even get into how we did, I just want to show how absolutely wracked we were by injuries.


Out for approximately 4 months, thankfully his stats were left mostly untouched.

Can't say the same for Mario, unfortunately. Out for about the same amount of time as Ledesma, but almost all his stats decreased by -2. While he's still a decent player, I do plan on replacing him next season. 

Morgalla got it the worst though. Out for a total of 9 months, miraculously his stats didn't suffer a massive decline, and by the end of the season he's grown back to his pre-injury stats. Hopefully he doesn't get hit by something like this again.


But even then… I think we did pretty good this season! Business as usual, we won everything there was to win domestically. Shame though, we nearly went flawless in the league until we lost a single game to Rangers. We did get knocked out in the group stage of the Champions League, but we did go on to have a good run in the Europa Cup all the way to the final, where we fac- excuse me, what in the hell?



Seriously, how bad did they screw up last season to end up in the Europa Cup? Even worse, we actually beat them, albeit on penalties rather than the actual game. But still, with a squad as star-stacked as theirs, it's absolutely shambolic form from them.


Our best games were in the 2 domestic cup finals, where we trounced both Queen of the South and Dunfermline in the Sports and Scottish Cup respectively.


Tresoldi once again dismantling teams like Legos.



THE LADS: Unfortunately, it seems to be a repeat of last season. While Amadori did improve his tally from 20 to 32, it pales in comparison to Tresoldi’s staggering 73. 


105 goals total though, impressive work for only their 2nd season.


Ironically enough, it was Amadori who continued to grow, while Tresoldi’s development seems to have stalled.




+1 in Aerial, Decisions, Pace, Stamina & Teamwork; +2 in Dribbling, Movement & Passing; +3 in Shooting & Strength. A noticable slowdown, but still a significant enough growth nevertheless.





Just a +1 in Stamina, Strength & Teamwork. A miniscule amount when compared to his compatriot. 





Another season under our belt, I’d say we’re on the right track. Still the persistent issue of Amadori scoring less than he should, but I think in time he’ll come into his own. Hope you guys enjoyed, I’ll see ya when I see ya.

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How on earth did any of those clubs afford those transfer fees for first season?? 29mill to Hibs?? 23mill to Bohemians?? Had a game as hibs and they were skint 

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7 hours ago, FMclown said:

How on earth did any of those clubs afford those transfer fees for first season?? 29mill to Hibs?? 23mill to Bohemians?? Had a game as hibs and they were skint 

I suspect it's an oversight by the developers. It's a well-known exploit where if you want to get rid of a player, you can offer your player out on loan, and in the negotiations screen, you can swap from "loan" to "transfer". As far as I'm aware I don't think I'm breaking any rules regarding the challenge, but as for how Hiberian and Bohemians are able to afford it, I couldn't tell you, sorry.

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