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Tactics Miki’s Asymmetric 4-2-1-3


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First of all,hello everyone.It's been more than a year since I saw you and I miss you all so much🙏🏻
For some special reasons,I was away from the game for a long time,but even though the season was over,I managed to catch up with Fmm23.
You can be sure that I will be much more active in the forum at Fmm24.
I won't comment on the game because I'm too late for that😁
That's why I just want to share with you the first tactic I've had success with.

I tried this tactic in 4 different countries and 4 different teams.Since I just downloaded the game,the 'Rich Benefactor' feature is not active,so I did not use it.Considering that the first season of the game was always difficult,I can definitely say this.To get efficiency from this tactic,your squad must be good for your league.If your squad is weak compared to the league,you may not be successful with this tactic and it may turn into a nightmare for you.

Now,I will share with you the results and season evaluation that I got with 4 different teams with this tactic.


It's actually a pretty successful season.
I won the league undefeated,I won the Italian Cup and I won the European Conference League.
But I am still not satisfied because I think 81 goals scored in the league are few.
I think it's because Dzeko's features are declining rapidly as he is old and Nicolas Gonzalez has been injured at least 10 times.
Also,the 'Creativity' feature of my squad was very low.This is also an important factor.







1.C-Player Stats




The hardest team for me was Brighton.Because I could only make 2 transfers in the hardest league and I didn't have a good goalkeeper.That's why I conceded a lot of goals.I wasn't successful in the cups.But I managed to win the league.It was a pretty exciting season.If I had a good goalkeeper and I had the offensive line,I could definitely collect all the trophies in the first season.







2.C-Player Stats




It was one of the easiest seasons.I built a good squad compared to the league average,so I won the league and the cup very easily.In the Champions League,it was a complete disappointment to be eliminated by penalty shootout.
Also,because my team is good,my Trequartista,Inside Forward and Deep Lying Forward players made statistics very easily.
I will also show you the features of my DLF player.If I had a good striker,I believe he could score at least 60 goals.
Also,I'm still in this career so I started the new season.That's why I couldn't take a screenshot of the transfer board.




3.B-Player Stats and DLF




King's team!👑
An extraordinary season.I won everything and dominated all season.I had the easiest season because I had a good team and a good squad.There is no need to talk too much about this.







4.C-Player Stats



Finally,before I share my tactic,there are a few notes I would like to add.
1-This tactic can be improved.For example,if I shift T between DLF and PF and shift BBM between IF and DLF,I wonder what difference would it make. Please let me know if you get such trials and successes.
2-When playing with a team that is much stronger than yourself,you can change the team mentality to Counter or Defense.
3- I didn't use the corner tactic.I would appreciate if anyone who has a good corner tactic would share it with me.I don't know if the famous corner tactic last year worked,I didn't try it.
4-Keep the motivation of your players high.
5-It is important that all players, including the goalkeeper,are fast.
6- It is important that creativity is high in midfielders and attackers.
7-Aerial and Pass features is important for all players.


See you again,good game to everyone!


Edited by Miki33
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1 hour ago, KarsonL said:

Will it work for lower league teams?

Based on my experience it does. This is probably the most fun tactic I've used and I've used it with the likes of Cove Rangers and Falkirk to move up the divisions in Scotland.

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On 27/02/2024 at 19:46, tummidge22 said:

Based on my experience it does. This is probably the most fun tactic I've used and I've used it with the likes of Cove Rangers and Falkirk to move up the divisions in Scotland.

Oh, I’m surprised that such an overload tactic can work with small teams. I’ll try it with FC Kaiserslautern then.

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On 27/02/2024 at 19:46, tummidge22 said:

Based on my experience it does. This is probably the most fun tactic I've used and I've used it with the likes of Cove Rangers and Falkirk to move up the divisions in Scotland.

One more question: Is your team good compared to your league or just average?

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6 hours ago, KarsonL said:

One more question: Is your team good compared to your league or just average?

A lot of the time I have used this when I have had restricted funds, so I bulk up the positions I can. The most important one is the Trequartista as he tends to score the bulk of the goals.

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