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Help Is Dortmund fit to win the title?

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I know it depends on the formation and tactics. But no matter how good it was, the two wonderkids at the ST position Adeyemi and Moukoko could not score even though the ball reached their feet.

Update: I just came back with another save file and have become stronger.

What I learned from my previous playing experience.

Firstly: Dortmund is a team that lacks fitness so I promoted a fitness coach Florian Wangler instead of an attacking coach like Armin Reutershahn.


The result: This change has had a huge impact on my team and felt the players move faster and consume less physical after each half.

2nd: With a starting budget of around 54 million, I filled positions that lacked depth in the team with quality contracts at the FBL - CM - G positions.


Result: The team had a solid defense and I was relieved that G wasn't Kobe.

Next: Dortmund has a lot of potential young player can develop in a wonderful way. I've overlooked these elements in previous plays, and this time I've focused more on getting the young potential to reach their full potential as quickly as possible.


The result: Both of the talented strikers I once scorned performed very well in the first mid-season games and even better after that.


It's a pity that we fell behind Bayern so much in the title fight with them in our first season. But with a team using young potential like Dortmund easily defeating all the rest and rising to 2nd place, that is not a bad result.

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I would like to share more of the results I have achieved
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