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Help How to counter this Formation


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Depends on your team’s strengths vs their weaknesses:

  • you have a monster 20 aerial ST? Then have a Winger + FB/WB on their left side (your right side) to take advantage of their more central IWB + wide AP.
  • you have a super creative AMC? Then have at least one MC who remains static in possession (like a CM or BWM) so the opposition DMCs have to move forward to close your guy down (giving your AP more space).
  • certainly you’ll need a DMC (any role) or defensive midfielder in the MC position (BWM or Anchor) to protect against their AMC.

It depends!

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In addition to @DanEnglish post I'd say you must have DMC on player marking.

I prefer to go mixed passes, both flanks, shoot on sight. For me it's working when I have IF + FB (if I'm on Attacking mentality) or IF + WB on Balanced mentality.

Other important factors are your team and opponent's team power and opponent's mentality in the game.

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