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Career Brazilian triple threat challenge


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So I am going to attempt the triple threat challenge which is essentially trying to get 3 players to 1500 goals between them in their career. 
I am going to make it as easy as possible so I am obviously going to use Celtic and have chosen 3 Brazilians as they have the best youth. 
The chosen youngsters are Marcos Leonardo, Endrick and Angelo. I have no idea if I will get to the total but I think I can get close if I don’t end up getting bored. Never done a career past 4 seasons before. Not sure how long it will take me as I will be playing in spurts.
Here are the guys:




the 3 players are perfect for my formation. Marcos Leonardo is right footed so can play as FL. Endrick FC and Angelo FR as he is left footed. 


For transparency I won’t be entering for the triple threat FM vibe awards for 2 reasons.

1) I am using the loan trick to sell players

2) I am using the Black Hawk inside forward tactic although I have made a change to set pieces to get more out of the forwards. 

I don’t know if this is against the rules or not but people seem to get upset over anything these days so I I’m not wanting entrance into the hall of fame. 


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Season 1 update:

Season 1 was successful. Won all domestic competitions. I qualified top from my group in the champions league but got knocked out by Man City in the next round despite out playing them. 

IMG_0367.thumb.png.995117fff4dc11b033e509e4a6655438.pngThe players developed well with Marcos Leonardo really excelling. Although that is to be expected given he is older.


the Team

I managed to sign Nkunku and he has been a great midfielder for me but managed to get 17 goals which is obviously not ideal as he is taking goals away from the strikers. Long term I may need to look a this and adjust the tactic or get someone with lower shooting and higher teamwork. Her are the stats for the season IMG_0359.thumb.png.4d3ee3ec9d98807a55ab806ac9d83467.png



it is a good start.  Assuming they last for 20 years we should get to the 1500.  Given that they should improve in future season hopefully I get it done quicker than that .


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