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Chat FMM24 Wish List

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1 hour ago, joeydivision said:

Changing formation in and out of possession is the biggest one I can think of.

To an extent you can already do that. The formation on your tactics screen is your out of possession set up and then the roles you give players determine you in possession formation. That’s why some roles have up arrows or the chevrons to show players will push forward in possession or make forward runs.

Not the simplest system I will admit but I can’t see it changing to separate in and out of possession formations on FMM any time soon.

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I’d like to add conditions to loans ie.. Joey must play 50 percent of matches.
Also more comprehensive scouting ie.. while I was scouting Tony I noticed that his team mate Fabio  is also very good 

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Posted (edited)

Player Instructions

I want to set up tactical player instructions like in the PC version.

Of course, it may not be as detailed as the PC version, but there should be at least some main options like 'shoot more often,' 'cross more often,' 'dribble more,' 'take more risks,' etc. For instance, while playing with a disciplined tactic, I should be able to set the command 'play more creatively' for my number 10.



Loan Clauses

I want to set loan clauses like in the PC version. Especially "playing time"


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1. Manager contracts 

Being able to sign a contract for 5 years and having to leave at the end of the contract unless offered a new one adds realism to the game.

Also being able to sign a contract tht allows me to start managing a club at the start of the NXT season instead of right away while I'm managing a club at the moment 

2. Better transfer negotiations. For example clauses and additional fees like in real life. This could also include player contract negotiations as well

3. Youth academy can me more diverse in terms of nationality


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Add ons on transfers

Selecting any kind of player whenever one wants to add player for a transfer

More diverse academy nationality

A box-to-box option as a defensive midfielder 

Central midfielder should have more options (either to attack or defend)


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The big ones for me would be:

1) I'd like the assistant to be able to offer tactical insights during games in the team tactics window, and perhaps at half time.  For example "I've noticed our through balls are not successful because our opponents are sitting deep.  Perhaps we should try running at the defence?" or "I've noticed the opponents are playing a high line. We can take advantage by playing a fast striker and choosing long passes".

2) I'd like idle scouts on local or well known players that are available even when not asked.  For example "[Youth Scout] has heard big things about Joe Bloggs at TNS and recommends scouting him" or "[Bargain Hunter] has heard that Biggy Smalls has entered into the final six months of his contract and could be available at a reduced price".

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False 9, and a Ball-Playing Keeper role? Would be very niche yesh, but really i just want the SK to be even more involved in possession and buildups, especially in the case of really talented SKs (Onana, Ederson, etc.) 

Oh and more indepth tactical setups a la the actual FM game would be a nice treat. 

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The main thing limiting this game is SI trying to decompress the file, hypothetically they include all these, the game size is going to rise like crazy and lower devices won't be able to run it anymore which will also in turn affect amount of people that buys the game. I have a device that will be able to run something that large but can't say the same for everybody. If the game is to get any better, the gabe size has to go extremely high which a lot of people will be against. 

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- Bonuses for advancement or qualification for UCL and etc. This would be huge for smaller teams.

- Sponsorship fees


- Monthly loan fees

-Allow for multiple year loans


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22 hours ago, Jon58 said:

Remove any form of subscriptions from the game🫣

Yep I'm with you on that


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On 18/08/2023 at 05:24, Leex78 said:

1. Allow setting player nickname/common name.

2. Add features for player transfer:
- Remove the limit on the bid amount.
- Include more additional options for bonus fees.
- Allow the possibility of loaning players for more than 1 year.
- Increase the ability to loan older players from AI teams.

3. Add various personalities for players. Players with skills and ambitions but lacking loyalty are more likely to become discontent and seek transfers to stronger teams.

4. The finances of clubs in selected leagues when starting the game should significantly affect the teams. Teams without strong transfer and wage budgets will find it difficult to engage in extensive shopping. And teams need to consider selling players to balance their finances.

5. Add and fix features for the In-Game Editor (IGE) to align with the pricing. For example:
* Fix:
- Adjust attribute changes to work accurately instead of unadjusted attributes leading to decreases (e.g., Creative attribute for goalkeepers, attributes like Decision, Crossing, Dribbling, Tackling, Positioning for players).
- Kits colors should have a selection of different shades.
- Kits styles need to be fixed, as currently, some chosen styles don't show any changes after saving or switching to a different style.
- Set nicknames/common names for players (If cannot make it free as my first idea).
- Edit hidden attributes (e.g., Mental Attributes).

6. Allow negotiation to choose the affiliate club we want instead of it being random.

7. Allow manager search. Currently we can search staff only.


what is the price of the editor in fmm23?

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You guys wanna know the thing i want the most for the next fm?




Oh and also fix the damn sorting system on the medical centre. That thing is still broken

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On 07/09/2023 at 14:13, onyedika said:

I understand everyones opinion, but seems we have been saying same thing all years.....what difference could there be this year?????

One rather large difference unfortunately!

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I'd like a more hectic close to a transfer window - they just kind of whizz past at the moment.  Would be a good opportunity to create some drama

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