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Tactics PC to Mobile: Suggestions Needed

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I’m trying to recreate a tactic which has generated great results on the PC version, but it’s a 5-2-3 formation which has two segundo volantes in CM.

What would be the closest alternative to having a segundo volante in there? I’ve tried two RP’s, two BBM and two CM’s - all have generated indifferent results.

Any suggestions or advice is welcome,  as I’m recreating a save of bringing GOAL FC from the National 2-D division to the champions league with only players from African nations. 

I’ve attached the original tactic from the PC game, and my replication of this tactic. 





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Hello, very interesting experiment. Some thoughts...

The volante assumes the use of a couple of defensive midfielders (in a 424 or a 4231) 

For mobile I would test a BBM with a DLP as the most similar. Maybe a additional help to replicate the role is to find players with specific traits... even if they don't fit with the mobile BBM role. The best ones that assure the double function are "Arrives Late in Opposition Area" "Gets Forward Whenever Possible" "Shoots from Distance" "Tries First Time Shot" as you can also read in many articles for the PC version. 

Let me know if it works... 😉


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