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Chat Some help needed with my tactic. The forward line.


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Warning: screenshots overload.


I'll get straight to the point. My tactic is 2-2-3-1-2. It uses 3xMC + 1xAMC + 2xFW. The 3 MCs are: central MC is Anchor almost always and the other two MCs are either 2xBTB or 1xBTB + 1xAP/RP depending on who plays as the AMC while the AMC is either AP or SS, depending on who plays there. My problem is with the two forwards (see the first three SS on who their are and their skills), I just can't make them work well together. The left FW, Lopata, was sometimes TF, sometimes CF and sometimes Poacher. Didn't seem to make much of a difference. Anyway, it's not him who annoys me. The right FW, either Rizzo or Ruiz, I tried AF for both of them, all season long, and it never worked consistently. And here is my problem, with this right AF position.


See the next three SS, from two games I completely dominated. I post only from these two matches but the problem is the same in every single match. And that problem is that the AF (the right FW, next in the list of stats immediately after the AMC), even when scoring goals, is somehow completely disconnected from the game. You can see in the stats that he is barely touching the ball. The whole point of using the AF is that he "leads the line", scores and creates. And my AFs, regardless of who plays there, Rizzo or Ruiz, seem to be playing more like Poachers, never involved in the game, receiving/making very, very few passes, never creating any chances. Their skills should be perfectly suited for this task but it somehow just doesn't work. Ignore Ruiz's lowered stats, he was injured for a while.


Overall, for the entire season, I can't say that they played THAT badly, see the next two SS. Both of them scored a decent amount of goals. However, if you look closely you start seeing the problem. Especially with Rizzo, in the league barely scored 8 times + 3 assists and an abysmal average rating of 6.7. Ruiz was somewhat better, with 12 league goals but only 6 assists in 21 games. And when you combine these stats with the ones taken from the games, you can see the issue more clearly. They receive very few passes, sometimes they manage to score some goals from them, but are generally invisible during games. And when they fail to shoot/score from those very few passes they do receive then they play badly and the whole team suffers.


Final SS: the league standings. I lost the title because of so many draws against much weaker opposition, having real difficulties scoring against them sometimes. See the amount of goals scored by Bayern and compare with my team. And I believe this problem stems from the AF position not working. In most games we have a "dead" player in the forward line and it cost us a lot of points. The left FW's instructions didn't seem to make any difference in how the right FW played. Lopata (left FW) was sometimes TF, CF or even Poacher, didn't matter at all, the right FW, the AF, was constantly somehow cut off from the game., invisible.


So, my question is, does AF not work in this year's version of the game? I looked through some tactics people posted, the ones that used two forwards, to see their instructions. Most seem to play Poachers or PFs. I didn't try PF for my left FW but based on what happened while he played TF, CF or Poacher, I doubt it would have made any difference on the right FW's performance. As for my tactic, honestly, I see nothing wrong with it. Having two forwards with those skills + one AMC + two MCs always supporting the attack, not to mention the two wingbacks offering support on each side, you'd think you're going to score a lot but it doesn't quite happen. At least not in the league. In the CL we scored a lot of goals, we even reached the semifinals, couldn't ask for more. But in the league, against opposition that sits deep and defends for almost the whole match, we have serious troubles and I believe it all comes down to us always playing like we have an "invisible" FW.


Screenshot_20230810_132632_FM23 Mobile.jpg

Screenshot_20230810_132636_FM23 Mobile.jpg

Screenshot_20230810_132641_FM23 Mobile.jpg

Screenshot_20230810_134419_FM23 Mobile.jpg

Screenshot_20230810_134430_FM23 Mobile.jpg


Screenshot_20230810_134754_FM23 Mobile.jpg

Screenshot_20230810_132656_FM23 Mobile.jpg

Screenshot_20230810_132706_FM23 Mobile.jpg

Screenshot_20230810_132744_FM23 Mobile.jpg

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Hello, from a quick look I have the idea that the issue could be with the low aggression value of Ruiz. Low aggression can be "hidden" with a  poacher role, in my experience. 

Rizzo has a leadership weakness... How are his mental traits and cons (in coach report)? Maybe also role traits could be analysed to see if some of them is in  contrast with AF role. Hope this brainstorming could give you some ideas 🙂

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To be honest I don't see how low leadership or agression could influence their ability to play as AFs. Agression would be a problem if I asked them to play PF but that is not the case. And neither of them is lazy, their work rate is above average. Anyway, here are the coach reports and traits. Nothing out of the ordinary. As you can imagine, I have been looking at these screens all season trying to figure out what the problem is.


I don't think it's a coincidence that both of them play this badly as AFs. Either something is wrong with the tactics but I cannot find what (mind you, I am no beginner in FMM, have been playing since 2014, almost every version of it) or this is a match engine issue. Like the IFs not performing so we'll this year or the consistently low ratings for defensive midfielders.


Screenshot_20230810_193054_FM23 Mobile.jpg

Screenshot_20230810_193118_FM23 Mobile.jpg

Screenshot_20230810_193848_FM23 Mobile.jpg

Screenshot_20230810_193857_FM23 Mobile.jpg

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Can you share your tactic screenshots (shape, defense, attack, the other one)?

I’m struggling to visualize what you’ve written 😞 so am struggling to help

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Nothing fancy. I don't normally go with attacking, usually I start with control or normal. When on normal, against strong opposition, I also go with narrow width. I vary the role of the two lateral MCs and of the AMC depending on who plays where. Defensive line gets pushed all the way up if I'm desperate to score.

Screenshot_20230810_230644_FM23 Mobile.jpg

Screenshot_20230810_230656_FM23 Mobile.jpg

Screenshot_20230810_230659_FM23 Mobile.jpg

Screenshot_20230810_230703_FM23 Mobile.jpg

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Thanks for player screens, they can play in general as AF and , as you said, they had not so bad season stats indeed...  This tends to exclude a large match engine issue. 

I can say that in this year experience AF alone works well. In couple with P my only test has been with France so far... not so reliable as general experiment due to high players skills (Mbappè AF Kolo Muani P)

AF must be a good finalizer of action but has also to explore a lot of space and organize/create chances. I found some problems occasionally with players with low aggression. Also in previous version of the game. 

Aggression is to intend also as "involvement" in the match. This is the reason a low value is not good for AF, but can be accepted for P.

Your tactics seems appropriate, just as personal preference I would add some instructions to exploit more the middle of the pitch where you have a lot of players concentrated. 

Let me know how it will evolve, cheers. 

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Well, I tried to make it work with only one FW but couldn't come up with something that worked, without changing too many players in the squad. IF's are dead this year, tried 1xFW + 2xAMC (one SS and one AM/AP/TQ), couldn't say I was impressed. So I stuck with the two FW.

I figure that maybe using the left FW (Lopata) as a Target FW could have been an issue, with him maybe hogging all the balls, since he was supposed to be the "target" of the attack. Maybe that's why the AF wasn't seeing much action, all my midfielders and WB's were mainly passing/crossing to the other guy. But then switching to playing that left FW as Poacher should have freed up the right AF... I dunno... I am out if ideas.

I'll stick with Rizzo as the AF next season since he has good aggression, maybe that does influence his performance somewhat. Hopefully the previous season was an accident. Ruiz can also play in the AMC position, so he has more options.

As for my tactics, I tend not to overcomplicate things so I usually don't give many instructions. One idea I considered was to instruct them to "work into box" since I have very good attacking midfielders but I'm not sure it would be a good idea. Most teams tend to play with two DMC's against me so the central area outside the opposition box is very crowded. Even Bayern played with two DMC's. That is why the only instruction was for the WB's to overlap, so that they provide some width and can deliver crosses. They all have at least 15 crossing. I think I'll try some new things though, like "expressive" for creative freedom and fast tempo. Maybe that'll help.

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